Google Assistant Driving mode users report lack of landscape support

Google Assistant is one of the best AI-based virtual assistants available today. Launched as part of Google’s messaging app named Allo, it quickly made its way to Android OS.

With billions of Android users around the world, Assistant has become an integral part of Android, with people using it to perform various actions such as turning on lights, controlling devices, and setting routines.

Thanks to the developers, new features and actions are constantly being added to Google Assistant. But sometimes these updates cause problems by breaking some existing functionality.

That being said, Google recently added the Driving View to the app. It turns out that Google will eventually replace Android Auto with the new Driving Mode.

But it turns out that the Google Assistant Riding Mode lacks a few basic options like the ability to use the feature in landscape mode. Many are frustrated (1,2,3,4, 5) because they are used to driving while keeping their phone in landscape mode.


I have a pre-Android Auto car stereo in my 2017 Nissan Rogue. I am using a Qi compatible phone holder (Dearhot brand from Amazon) but there is no “Android Auto for Phones” application (IMO ), so I thought I would try the new “Riding Mode”, but it will only show in portrait mode on my Fold 3. Is there a way to put it in landscape mode? I have tried all built-in settings and developer mode to no avail.

Although I do complain, there is no reason that the assisted driving mode is not available in landscape mode. It just doesn’t make sense, because cars are one of the places I’m * most * likely to put my phone on the side. Between that and YouTube Music, there is a disturbing trend.

Interestingly, it partially supports landscape mode, as users can use the feature while using maps. As Google hasn’t commented on the issue yet, it’s still unclear whether Google forgot to include landscape mode support or if this is an intentional change.

Whatever the reason, the lack of something simple like preferred orientation options made it unusable for those carrying a phone mount that only supports landscape mode.

We hope Google will give users the option to rotate Assistant Driving mode in a future update. Until then, users will have to switch back to Android Auto. As always, we’ll update this space when Google decides to add landscape mode to Driving mode.

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Featured Image Source: Google Blog

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