Gogo Business Aviation to Launch LEO Global Broadband Service

The system includes a small antenna and an AVANCE LRU to accommodate Business aircraft of all sizes

GENEVA, May 22, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — EBACE — Gogo Business Aviation (NASDAQ: GOGO) today announced the launch of the first global business aviation broadband service to use an Electronically Piloted Antenna (ESA) on a network satellite in low earth orbit (LEO).

Gogo’s proprietary antenna array, designed in conjunction with Hughes Network Systems, LLC (Hughes), will be small enough to fit on the fuselage of business jets, from super light jets and large turboprops to high-powered jets. very long range, and will operate on the low-latency high-speed global high-network.

To access the network, the new service will only require one Gogo AVANCE LRU inside the aircraft, meaning that existing AVANCE customers will only need to install the ESA antenna, with just one cable for power and a single cable for data output.

“It will be a fast, affordable broadband system that will deliver best-in-class global performance on the broadest range of business aviation aircraft,” said Sergio Aguirre, President and Chief Operating Officer of Gogo Business Aviation. “We want to give everyone in business aviation the ability to have an exceptional broadband experience, no matter where they’re flying or what size aircraft they’re flying.”

The OneWeb network will deliver performance comparable to terrestrial broadband services, with breakthrough low latency significantly lower than geostationary (GEO) satellites. A multitude of users will be able to perform data-intensive interactive online activities simultaneously, such as holding live video conferences simultaneously, accessing cloud solutions such as Office365, live TV, streaming video applications such as TikTok, and more.

“Our agreement with Gogo Business Aviation represents a leap forward in business aviation connectivity,” said Ben Griffin, VP Mobility at OneWeb. “By harnessing the power of our LEO constellation to provide robust, consistent and reliable global coverage, OneWeb and Gogo will be able to deliver an unparalleled experience to business jet operators and passengers worldwide.”

OneWeb’s LEO constellation is fully funded and will include 648 satellites, of which 428 have already been launched.

“The world has been waiting for a high-performance, cost-effective flat panel antenna solution to realize the global, high-throughput, low-latency promise of LEO satellite broadband – and Hughes has delivered,” said Reza Rasoulian, vice-president, Hughes. “Gogo’s selection of the Hughes ESA solution confirms our engineering excellence and unlocks the value of OneWeb’s global capability for inflight broadband anywhere on the planet.

Unlike GEO solutions, Gogo’s LEO service will include a fuselage-mounted unit with integrated antenna, modem, power supply and RF converter; will only require 28 volts DC; will not rely on aircraft positioning data; and will include an ADVANCED router.

“We designed the system to reduce costs by simplifying installation,” Aguirre continued. “We have a long history of providing affordable, high-quality connectivity and award-winning customer service to aircraft owners in North Americaand now we want to bring those same benefits to all aircraft owners around the world.”

For customers with an AVANCE L3 or L5 system in North Americathe unique multi-carrier capability of the AVANCE platform will allow Gogo to combine the capability of OneWeb’s LEO satellite network with Gogo’s ATG network to provide even higher capacity than LEO alone can provide.

Gogo broadband service for business aviation will be available shortly after the full launch and commercialization of the OneWeb network.

Gogo will provide global customer support through its network of 118 authorized resellers, including 24 who operate externally United Statesserving more than 1,000 non-US narrowband Gogo satellite customers who today operate in 83 countries around the world.

About Gogo
Go Go is the world’s largest provider of broadband connectivity services for the business aviation market. We offer a customizable suite of intelligent cabin systems for highly integrated connectivity, in flight entertainment and voice solutions. Gogo’s Products and services are installed on thousands of business aircraft of all sizes and types of missions, from turboprops to the world’s largest jets, and are used by the largest fractional operators, charter operators, services corporate and personal theft.

As of March 31, 2022, 2,699 business aircraft were flying with Gogo’s AVANCE L5 or L3 system installed, 6,526 aircraft were flying with its onboard ATG systems, and 4,522 aircraft were flying with narrowband satellite connectivity installed. Join us on business.gogoair.com.

About One Web
OneWeb is a global communications network powered from space, headquartered in London, enabling connectivity for governments, businesses and communities. It implements a constellation of satellites in low Earth orbit with a network of global gateway stations and a range of user terminals to provide an affordable, fast, high bandwidth and low latency communication service, connected to the IoT future and a path to 5G for everyone, everywhere. Learn more about http://www.oneweb.world

About Hughes Network Systems
Hughes Network Systems, SARL (HUGHES), an innovator in satellite and multi-transport technologies and networks for 50 years, provides broadband equipment and services; managed services offering software-defined intelligent networks; and operating the end-to-end network for millions of consumers, businesses, governments and communities around the world. The flagship Hughes the Internet a service, Hughes Net®connects millions of people across the Americas, and the Hughes JUPITER™ system powers the Internet access to tens of millions of other people around the world. Hughes supplies more than half of the global satellite terminal market to major satellite operators, inflight service providers, mobile network operators and military customers. A managed network service provider, Hughes supports nearly 500,000 enterprise sites with its HughesON™ portfolio of wired and wireless solutions. Based at germantown, Maryland, United StatesHughes belongs to EchoStar. To learn more, visit www.hughes.com or follow HughesLog in on Twitter and LinkedIn.

About Echo Star
EchoStar Corporation (NASDAQ: SATS) is a leading global provider of satellite communications solutions. Based at Englewood, Colo., and operating globally, EchoStar is a pioneer in secure communications technologies through its Hughes Network Systems and EchoStar Satellite Services business segments. For more information, visit www.echostar.com. To follow @EchoStar on Twitter.

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