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I don’t know much about teenagers at this point in my life, but I do know that they love photos. Whether it’s scrupulously documenting their adventures on visual platforms like Instagram and VSCO or setting their chilling summer memories to music for 15-second clips on TikTok, teens love to get nostalgic for their very past. recent. Fujifilm’s new Instax Link Wide printer, which lets you instantly print large format photos from your smartphone via Bluetooth, is the perfect tool for that.

The $ 150 across the width of the link is compact enough to store in a purse and completely wireless, except for the discreet micro-USB charging port that allows you to power its internal battery. Available in two colors – mocha gray and ash white – the small printer is both similar to other instant film printers from Fujifilm and distinct in that it produces prints at a size of 2.4 ” x 3, 9 ” (62mm x 99mm) – the widest of Fujifilm’s instant film formats.

Bigger = better

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Before I go any further, let me clarify that teenagers aren’t the only ones who love this printer – I love it, too. The largest of the Fujifilm formats, the Instax Link Wide is not necessarily a huge innovation on the two other formats of the brand’s film printers, the Instax Link Mini, which released last year and prints tiny photos as the name suggests, and the Instax SHARE Sp-3, which prints the brand’s iconic square portraits.

But while the Link Mini is great for producing baby prints that are perfect for slipping into a wallet or filing cabinet, and the SHARE Sp-3 is great for printing … squares, the Instax Link Wide is perfect. to produce memories with a bit heavy on them, as the resulting impressions are roughly twice the size of what the Link Mini spits out. Whether you’re looking for photos that will adorn a dorm or bedroom wall or prints that will someday fill a physical scrapbook, the larger size simply makes more sense for a printed photo; if you wanted your photos to be compact, why not just save space and keep them in your phone? “The wider the frame, the better the memory,” isn’t a phrase no one really says, but oversized prints are so much fun that maybe people should start saying it soon.

Ridiculously easy and quick to use

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Fujifilm’s smartphone printers have fundamentally perfected the art of convenience, and the Instax Link Wide is no exception. After unboxing, it takes a little over an hour to fully charge the battery – something you must have before you can start your first prints – and after that, using the printer is as easy as pairing the device. to your phone via Bluetooth and at the push of a button via the accompanying Link Wide app. According to the company, a single charge is expected to generate around 100 Instax instant prints, a feat aided by the device’s ability to turn off after a few minutes of non-use to conserve battery life.

When it comes to printing your first photo, the accompanying app is ridiculously intuitive; all you have to do is select “simple print” on the home screen, select the photo from your camera roll that you want to physically manifest, then hit the giant, illuminated “Print” button. The app also has a bunch of fun editing modes that are surprisingly useful, including collage templates that let you combine up to sixteen photos into one print, editable templates that let you add a touch customizable to your prints (which are great for special occasions like birthdays and holidays), and a sketching and editing tool that lets you layer fonts, emojis, and stickers over your best shots. A new tool also lets you easily add QR codes to your designs, which can be scanned with a smartphone to link to websites, location tags, or messages.

All of these features take around 30 seconds to learn, and the resulting design modes really make for a creative photo editing experience that takes your prints to the next level. The larger format also gives you a larger canvas to play with, so you can personalize your memories however you want.

Polaroid quality nostalgia, but more premium

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If you’ve ever used an Instax camera, you already know the drill: these prints aren’t going to fry your eyes with their astounding quality, but they do deliver a lo-fi nostalgic effect that makes them an appealing option for anyone. who loves the dreamy, mellowed look of a Polaroid.

With instant film, it stands to reason that you are going to sacrifice some of the sharpness, texture, and depth of the original photo, especially given the capability of smartphone cameras. But it’s worth noting that while the Instax Link Wide doesn’t skimp on quality by any stretch of the imagination – saturation, color, and contrast are all roughly superior to other instant film options on the market, including including King Polaroid, which usually leaves a little something to desire in the clarity department.

The Wide link takes Fujifilm Instax Wide Instant Film, which costs $ 20 for 20 sheets on Amazon, or about $ 1 per print. Monochrome film is also available for a slightly higher price of $ 1.30 per print and offers a moody alternative to the traditional white-border look. Both options are pricey, obviously, but when the alternative is to go to your local FedEx office or fork out for an expensive consumer grade inkjet printer that doesn’t feature any of the handy or fun editing tools. , I’m inclined to think that the Wide Link is, in the end, good value for money.

Like the Link Mini and the SHARE Sp-3 before it, the Wide link is a highly portable, intuitive and high-performance instant film printer that delivers your memories from your devices to the real world in seconds. The printer is compatible with almost any Bluetooth-enabled device, from sophisticated DSLRs and smartphones to the brand’s Fujifilm X-S10 mirrorless digital camera, and it’s surprisingly easy to use. Anyone keen on printing quick and easy copies of their memories on film will appreciate Fujifilm’s latest largest format printer – maybe teens are on to something after all.


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