Experience from the past, space for the future

Building on lessons learned from running businesses through two years of the pandemic, companies are seriously reconsidering the amount of capital that is leased on an annual basis for large properties with their brand on the front door.

Working from home can work, but companies must also be able to create a culture that employees buy into – and the importance of the office environment cannot be overlooked…

So how do they do this without cutting back on their profits due to high rents?

Go maintain!

Family values

Founded by the Kelly family in 2001, Glandore is an Irish family business run by Michael Kelly and his three daughters Fiona, Clare and Rebecca, offering premium serviced offices, flexible workspaces, coworking spaces and virtual offices. Sharing the values ​​instilled by the Kelly family over the years.

Glandore founder Michael Kelly with his daughters Fiona, Clare and Rebecca, who have all joined the thriving family business.

Glandore treats the businesses and individuals it hosts as their own. Glandore’s mission is to create a vibrant, supportive and friendly community in which every individual and every business can grow.

The daily goal is simple, provide world-class support and show they really care every day! The Kelly family brings with them over 30 years of business experience, the Kelly sisters helped their father streamline the continued growth and expansion of Glandore.

Since 2001, the Kelly family has seen the business grow from one employee to almost 80 employees, and from offering 75 offices to over 3,500 offices in nine buildings in Dublin, Belfast and Cork.

Over the past few years, Glandore has built up a fantastic team of industry experts renowned for their professionalism, service and flexible attitude.

As a family business, Glandore cares deeply about building long-term bonds and relationships with its staff, members and partners.

To encourage and facilitate connections and networking among its members, Glandore hosts a range of exclusive member events on a monthly basis.

From educational seminars and workshops to social gatherings, informational meetings, networking events, seasonal events and the free wellness program, there are always many events and initiatives that member companies and Glandore employees can choose from and to participate.

Options for employers

It is essential to give options to employees, to have enough space so that those who want a desk in an office can have it, but for those who do not need it, the company does not have to spend money on it, instead be flexible, work with Glandore to ensure you get the optimal office space for your business.

The future of work is flexible, businesses will need to adapt to the bespoke employee needs that have emerged throughout the pandemic.

The security of serviced offices is that companies can sign up for six months, 12 months, 18 months or more and at the end of those terms they can extend, renegotiate, increase or decrease depending on their business needs and -changing the economic landscape is the best way for a business to land and grow in Ireland.


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