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It’s fantastic hockey season and for the first time in three seasons, the NHL hopes to complete a full 82-game schedule.

In last year’s shortened season, Connor McDavid was the winner of the scoring race, finishing 21 points ahead of teammate Leon Draisaitl and 36 points ahead of third-placed Brad Marchand.

Runaway Art Ross wins were commonplace during a time when the gap between a young Wayne Gretzky and the rest of the NHL field was so wide that many fantasy hockey venues split Gretzky’s goals and assists. into two distinct categories. Otherwise, in a traditional Snake Draft, if you had the top pick and picked Gretzky, you were almost guaranteed to get the win.

McDavid may well be approaching a point where it becomes necessary as well. It should be the general consensus No. 1 pick in any fantasy hockey screening you can read, regardless of the format. If it isn’t, it’s only because someone is trying to be deliberately (and unnecessarily) provocative.

The reality is that there should be a strong consensus on the top three picks.

Over the past three seasons, McDavid has averaged 1.61 points per game, Draisaitl 1.43 and Kucherov – who spent all of last year’s regular season in the injured reserve – is at 1.42.

From there, the three-year average drops statistically significantly in Nathan MacKinnon, to 1.29. A total of seven players have a three-year average of 1.

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