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The revolutionary design provides comfort and helps maximize the productivity of professionals, students and gamers.

Working or learning from the comfort of your home has many advantages. In addition to reducing the time needed to prepare for and get to work, the more flexible hours of remote work also allow for a better work-life balance. However, most people’s homes are not designed to be suitable for work or study. Many find that their chairs or desks are no longer comfortable for working after a few hours. Ergomeister Pte office chair. Ltd. has created fully adjustable chairs designed to fit the shape and body structure of each individual.

The German designed Ergomeister FAEZ8ERG office chair has an award winning design that makes it one of the best office chairs on the market today. With 6 adjustable parts, users can customize the chair according to their body type, preferences and comfort level.

The FAEZ8ERG features the Lumbar + EXTRA RESPONSE, which has elastic support that benefits the hips, lower back, full back, neck, and even ears. As everyone is different, having responsive and adjustable lumbar support is of the utmost importance in maintaining proper spine posture and preventing back pain.

The chair’s adjustable headrest keeps the back of the head comfortably supported to ensure the neck is not strained. Tilting up to 135 degrees, the FAEZ8ERG helps the user achieve a much more comfortable posture even when working for an extended period. It has a 3-wire control mechanism which is easy to use and allows a smooth transition from an upright position to a full recline position. Its seat can be raised to a suitable height to accommodate the length of the legs, allowing them to rest in a comfortable position. This helps distribute the weight evenly over the seat cushion and improves the user’s sitting posture and spine alignment.

Designed for ultimate comfort, the Ergomeister FAEZ8ERG is made of premium Air-Scape â„¢ mesh, which allows air to circulate freely and prevents heat from being trapped in the contact points between the body and the body. chair. This branded material offers comfortable support to the joints by following the contours of the body.

Made with polyurethane casters, this office chair is designed to be durable and avoid the unsightly marks that most office chairs leave on floors. This sturdy yet comfortable office chair is built to last and comes with a 60-day risk-free trial period and a 15-year warranty.

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