Dukhan Bank launches AI-powered virtual assistant

Doha: In a further step towards improving customer comfort and offering a transparent banking experience, Dukhan Bank, Qatar’s leading banking player, has launched an interactive, multi-channel virtual assistant “Rashid” to help customers to respond to online requests quickly and easily. .

Inspired by his name meaning ‘guide’, Rashid aims to answer clients’ questions using improvisation and adaptability through English and Arabic when interacting.

Rashid provides a multitude of services to customers ranging from locating the nearest branch or ATM and finding offers from nearby merchants through geolocation services to providing information on the products and services of the Banking, connecting with customer service members, and checking foreign currency exchange rates among many other services.

“Rashid” virtual assistant is currently available for customers on our dukhanbank.com website, mobile app, online banking and WhatsApp via 44100888. In addition, it is available for Dukhan bank employees on the staff portal named “intouch” to resolve their queries.

Commenting on the initiative, Dukhan Bank said, “We are extremely happy to launch our virtual assistant ‘Rashid’, which is part of our efforts to implement the digital transformation strategy, improve customer experience, increase satisfaction and customer loyalty and providing services. and products that meet the aspirations of our customers.

Virtual assistants are playing an increasingly important role in our daily lives and this cutting edge technology will offer customers a new way to interact and receive responses to inquiries in a warm and friendly manner in the language of their choice.

In a world with constantly changing technologies and growing customer needs, Dukhan Bank believes that virtual assistants are becoming a necessity to ensure the best customer service anytime and anywhere ”.

Soon, Rashid’s capabilities will be enhanced to include money transfers, card activation or blocking, expense analysis, credit card payments and utility bills, tailoring recommendations based on customer behavior and much more.

More information about the bank’s digital solutions can be obtained from the Dukhan Bank website or by calling 8008555.

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