Does the gaming industry need smart virtual assistants?


Have you ever wondered if the gaming industry needs a virtual assistant?

The simple answer to this is yes. The gaming industry may not be the innovator when it comes to including virtual assistants in the industry, but that trend has certainly changed in recent times, especially for online gaming.

Now you can access a game via voice command, which is no longer a “wow” thing. Most gamers can access video games through voice commands like Siri, Alexa, and Google Assistant. But that’s not all. You can order your lunch while playing a game or while talking to the support agent.

The global gaming market – it was valued at $ 152 billion in 2019 and is sure to increase. Experts estimate that by 2025 the industry will register an amount of 260 billion dollars.

Players can access the virtual assistant for withdrawal, recharging the wallet, finding information on how to play a game, talking about problems encountered while downloading an app, etc.

Let’s take a closer look at the gaming industry and its features.

In-game support

When playing a game, lots of notifications, updates, features, and other advertisements can lead to a bad gaming experience. But luckily, this can be easily computerized through chatbot. This means that the player will be notified of any updates, which can be done at their convenience. So you can just talk with your virtual assistant and learn about the rules of the game and other FAQs.

The future of virtual assistants

Voice it! You certainly know what we’re talking about – will virtual assistants become a big part of the future? Do you know this voice on your smartphone? It has grown exponentially. Studies have shown that almost everyone in the United States uses virtual assistants for almost everything. We have even become more familiar, confident and comfortable with these voice-activated services than we are with our loved ones.

Services like Google Assistant, Alexa and Siri are virtual assistants with minor tasks, like listening to music, answering questions related to the online world, or simply setting your dinner time in the oven. But over time, these virtual assistants got smarter than expected. They are designed to record our commands and then send the voice recording to a system that understands the user’s intent.

Advances in AI

Another great result of the advancement of AI is the ability to analyze the full context of your order. Natural language communication gives the user a suitable feel when cooperating with voice assistants. These technological developments and interactions with virtual assistants have the potential to transform the whole process as if we were having a natural conversation with another person.

In the future, we can certainly expect to see even more progress in VAs. It’s the type of technology that can help humans make better decisions. More, the elderly could receive information from virtual assistants about their medications and when to take them.

Overall, people are very excited about the opportunities virtual assistants can bring us. This exclusive design of voice assistants promises even greater use in the future. Tech-savvy people, get ready! The future looks bright and bright!

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