Do you want to be a lawyer? New recruitment strategies in the legal sphere to know



In today’s world there is a bitter and constant struggle in the field of professions. The law has been a constant in this struggle. There are young aspirants in the legal sphere and the tension of the competition is very tight.

Young professionals and students leave prestigious institutes with quality diplomas. However, it has been observed that the real turmoil begins when one has to go through the scrutiny of the hiring process.

Institutes, degrees and certificates could bring you closer to the passionate profession of law. But it is the discipline and the flow of the candidate, who has a pure passion for the field. These two are just the tiny details that are observed by the company recruiter.

What are law firms looking for among potential candidates?

Usually, law firms are just a conjunction of several lawyers who work together as an organization to serve various legal disputes for a given clientele. Therefore, there is teamwork and a communication requirement for the job.

Obviously, we know that lawyers are not the typical type at the moment. It is just as important to understand the commercial and commercial aspects of a dispute as it is to know only the legal side. Now, there are a few things to keep in mind to become commercially awake:

  • Study your clientele
  • Study the information given; go out and get away with research
  • Understand current market trends
  • Experience through practice

The above pointers may seem complex to many, but once they all need to be obeyed, there is no stopping.

Applicants should also know the details of the business, the past, the present and should be able to predict a likely future of the organization. The search is then said to be over.

Strategies for recruiting and hiring lawyers

Here are some things to keep in mind when developing legal recruitment strategies:

  • Understand the jargon or rather understand the work ethic of the profession. The legal sector is believed to depend on communications. Communication decorum comes first when it comes to a candidate’s checklist.
  • Knowing the working atmosphere can be gained through the hands-on experience of visiting and being in the working area. So to have the experience you have to practice and familiarize yourself with it, which takes a little time. Therefore, time and passion must be spent regularly.
  • Must have a good sense of humor and be zealous. Humor helps lighten the mood and get the job done at the same time. A little laughter helps impress customers. And zealous eyes would represent your enthusiasm to work with complete dedication and passion.
  • Respect for the hierarchy, since a candidate has just entered, he must respect the tree of the hierarchy whether it concerns the designations or the bundle of experience.
  • Obeying the mentor-mentee relationship is imperative because your mentor is the gateway to the plethora of litigation in the legal world. So being the shadow of your mentor to gain knowledge is very helpful.

Major points to know before hiring a lawyer

Finally, some major aspects to keep in mind before embarking on recruitment campaigns:

1. Focus on the academic record throughout.

2. Selection of appropriate activities during the academic term such as debates and participation in mock courts.

3. Regularly improve your writing skills, providing an appropriate construction to your skills through the writing aspect of your communications.

4. Apply for and land the perfect internships, rather than first getting a good observer from established staff or a company.

5. Work on your analytical skills like critical thinking, logical thinking and problem solving.

6. Set goals and appropriate checkpoints. This can be done once a candidate applies and engages in the right kind of activities and internships. This process will definitely help the cause of setting goals / expectations and achieving them amidst all learning.

If all goes as planned, then the legal realm is within your grasp to be discovered and explored. But to reach the place of recruiting, you have to work on every detail of the sphere from day one.

It’s easier when you are passionate about the field. So, hard work, dedication and hard work guides you through the process until you reach your goal of success.

– Article by Dr Shashikala Gurpur, Director, Symbiosis Law School, Pune

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