Do you remember when Congress was respected?


Many Americans remember well that elected politicians spoke to each other as ladies and gentlemen.

The common description of a political opponent was: “My esteemed colleague”. The embodiment of this relationship was President Ronald Reagan, a Republican, and Speaker of the House Tip O’Neill, a Democrat. They have served as models for how political leaders can differ profoundly on issues while working together for the country. Neither man embraced each other’s worldviews, but each respected the other’s right to hold it. Both were statesmen.

Compare that to the Democratic Party leadership since November 9, 2016, when it declared “resistance” to President Donald Trump. Although Senator Chuck Schumer and Representative Nancy Pelosi voted for billions of people to erect a fence to restrict illegal immigration under Obama, they have staunchly opposed any fence as immoral and ineffective.

I do not approve of President Trump’s rude speech, but I give it credit for strengthening the economy, morals, and foreign relations of the United States. Three years after incidents in Charlottesville, Virginia, Democrats still take his speech condemning white supremacists out of context to claim that he has praised white supremacists. Many Americans have been fooled into believing lies.

Before this revolution of truth and civility, I always studied each candidate’s file and voted for character, not party. Because today’s Democratic Party candidates seldom condemn their corrupt leadership, I can only hope for the day when I can vote for Democrats again. It is high time for principled Democrats to shift their support for the 500,000 members of Walk Away, now censored by Facebook.

This propensity of Democrats to sacrifice the truth for control to prevail at all costs now puts America in the face of two new legislative actions with destructive consequences – House Resolution 1, the falsely named For the People Act of 2021, and Coronavirus Response and Relief Supplemental Appropriations Act of 2021.

Today we’re going to review the Covid Relief Act (CARES) and its successor, American Rescue Plan, the current media favorite. This last act is presented to the public as critical for the victims of Covid-19. We watch history repeat itself.

The first CARES law was drafted in March 2019 and quickly secured agreement in principle between members of the House and Senate to provide financial assistance to victims of Covid-19. That deal was put on hold when the queen of hypocrisy, Pelosi, returned to Washington and added $ 95 billion for ideological agendas unrelated to viruses. After Republican senators rejected $ 60 billion of his demands, a compromise was reached and the law was passed after a week of delay.

How many deaths and bankruptcies have resulted from this delay? The misinformed public blames the delay on Republicans, and Democrats claim credit for saving the victims of heartless Republicans.

The Queen hopes today that she repeats this story.

There is bipartisan support for direct Covid-19 aid. This includes vaccinations, testing, health department support, paycheck protection, economic damage loans, airline payroll support, and foreclosure business losses at a cost of $ 167. $ 2 billion.

Extending unemployment until August at a rate that encourages people to stay unemployed will cost $ 246 billion. The socialist dream of a guaranteed income for any family with an annual income of less than $ 160,000 will increase the national debt by $ 413 billion. Bipartisan support is lost. Are you voting to pass this debt on to your posterity?

The ultimate question is, do you approve of the $ 167 billion ransom in Covid-19 care to add ideological pig costing $ 1.04 trillion to fund:

• State and local government debt in predominantly blue states.
• Unemployment assistance based on October to December levels (leading New York and California).
• Save the Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation.
• Lifesaving schools from grades 1 to 12, open or not.
• Rescue colleges.
• Add to “Obamacare” grants, increase state funds for Medicaid, child care, public transportation, residential rental assistance, mortgage assistance, household assistance. low-income home energy, food stamps, Head Start, Amtrak, the Federal Emergency Management Agency, underprivileged farmers and ranchers, global food aid and a new bridge between New York and Canada (for Schumer).


Earl Heal is a retired Air Force officer, resident of Vacaville and member of the Right Stuff Committee of the Solano County Republican Party. Reach it at [email protected].

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