Digital innovations from the Federal Bank – setting new benchmarks for the industry



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Federal Bank, guided by its philosophy of “Digital at the Fore, Human at the Core” has continuously developed highly innovative and extremely user-friendly facilities such as: FedSelfie – under which individuals can open their accounts by simply taking a selfie; Federal 24 7 – which allows the opening of accounts by video call to the bank; etc.

The latest innovation in this range is “FEDDY”, a virtual assistant powered by artificial intelligence (AI). AI leverages cutting-edge machine learning algorithms to help customers respond to banking inquiries 24/7. While most similar AI-powered virtual assistants are only available on the website, FEDDY can be accessed through Alexa, Google Assistant, and WhatsApp.

FEDDY is also integrated with Google Business Messaging, a one-of-a-kind feat achieved by an Indian bank. On Google search, FEDDY can be accessed by clicking on the “Message / Chat” option available for the bank branch sought. By sending a ‘FEDDY’ SMS to 8108030845 FEDDY can also be reached on WhatsApp.

Recently, the Bank published a microsite assisted by FEDDY – and therefore easily navigable and interactive – to present the Bank’s annual report for fiscal year 21. The site has been well accepted by shareholders and clients.

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