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It is as if every day a new disaster strikes for Californians: more than 70 cargo ships piled up in the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach with no docking date in sight; an employment report showed that over 300,000 fewer jobs were created than expected; not to mention the thousands of gallons of oil washed up on the shores of Orange County. Democrats betray Californians.

First, shipping delays at the ports of Long Beach and Los Angeles were caused by extreme demand, a labor shortage thanks to President Biden and Governor Newsom, and COVID safety precautions for workers. cargo ships. Many ports have limited the number of vessels allowed at a time, which has created problems around the world.

This live map shows the sea traffic of nearly half a million sea containers which can wait up to 4 weeks to dock.

From truck drivers missing pickup times due to insufficient storage at drop-off locations to warehouse workers unable to unload deliveries because all equipment is in use, every aspect of the process. shipping is impacted. Even if the ports were operating 24/7, that probably wouldn’t be enough to keep up with demand yet.

Some goods shipped take twice as long to reach their destination than before the pandemic. Delays of this magnitude can have devastating effects on businesses. Is it any wonder that small businesses are fleeing California en masse?

Then, the problem of dizzying unemployment. Under the Biden administration, the United States lost 180,000 workers in September, women lost 26,000 jobs last month, and September marks the second consecutive month with less than half of the expected jobs added to the economy. The only statistic presented by President Biden, namely that unemployment fell from 5.2% to 4.8%, is even a joke. The Hill reports that “the sharp drop is largely due to the fact that millions of unemployed workers remain on the sidelines.” Yet President Biden calls this steady progress?

Many small business owners are struggling to replace laid-off employees during the pandemic. Hostile working conditions, coupled with constant unemployment benefits, do little to put people back to work.

Then there are the workers who have been going non-stop since the start of the pandemic who face extreme burnout and have health issues themselves. Fewer and fewer workers have to manage entire warehouses and barely find time in their lunch shift.

Something needs to be done to complement the work of these dedicated people while inspiring the rest of America to get back to work.

Moreover, President Biden’s appointment of Pete Buttigieg as Transport Secretary is further proof of his utter ignorance of making good policy. Buttigieg has no experience, except that his town was overrun with potholes when he was mayor and he proved ineffective in his new role. When asked if the delays would be eliminated in time for the holidays, Buttigieg replied that it would take “years and years to fix”. The delays are unprecedented in history and prove that Buttigieg is only beating the clock and hoping no one notices how unsuccessful he has been as Transport Secretary.

The Golden State is suffering because of Biden’s unnecessary tenures and his terrible economy. The continuous rise in prices on almost all daily expenses is simply unsustainable for the future. Each of these crises has taken a toll on our communities and without a significant leadership overhaul they will continue to ravage our state.

Laurie Davies sits on the California Assembly.


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