Data Axle partners with Openprise


Data Axle, a provider of real-time data and intelligence solutions, is partnering with Openprise to provide additional enterprise data coverage for the Openprise RevOps performance platform.

The integration, delivered through the Openprise Data Marketplace, provides a small to mid-sized enterprise data source for Openprise customers.

Openprise helps B2B companies simplify their martech stacks and automate critical business processes like list loading, cleansing and enrichment, account scoring, assignment, centralized customer profiling, and more. By integrating Data Axle business data, Openprise and its customers will now have full access to Data Axle’s US business database through Data Axle’s Search, Scan and Match APIs and Openprise Data Marketplace.

“Openprise customers can now take advantage of the additional data coverage that the partnership with Data Axle introduces on our platform,” said Allen Pogorzelski, vice president of marketing at Openprise, in a statement. “Data Axle’s enterprise data offering offers unmatched depth, accuracy and coverage, making it an invaluable addition to the Openprise Data Marketplace.”

Openprise customers can use Data Axle business data to enhance their proprietary data with firmographic elements and create a more complete view of their existing data files. This integration also enables real-time querying, analysis and aggregation.

“We are delighted to partner with Openprise to provide a premier source of business information for their B2B marketers,” said Bob Toth of Data Axle, senior vice president and general manager of licensing, in a statement. “Data Axle’s business coverage, which spans large enterprises, local mom and dad stores, home offices and even entrepreneurs, will allow Openprise to support its clients’ business growth goals much more broadly. We’re excited to be a part of it – a focused approach to bringing Openprise users the rich proposition that today’s data-driven marketers need to be successful. “

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