Customer Experience (CX) Investment Analytics for Manufacturing, 2022 Research Study – 3 Key Takeaways for Manufacturing CXOs –

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This study examines the growth opportunities for CX solution providers and the manufacturing industry that have emerged from the pandemic-related challenges and the rapid shift to digital channels that are forcing manufacturers to invest in CX solutions that will help them stay or beat the competition.

Improving customer experience (CX) is the company’s top focus for Year 3, followed closely by improving brand equity. Customer relationships are a priority for manufacturers in 2022 as maintaining brand loyalty becomes increasingly complex as the world rapidly shifts to digital channels.

Businesses are moving from the remote work that began with the pandemic to hybrid models that will include a mix of home, onsite and flexible work options. The cloud provides flexibility and quick access to the latest technology features. Investments in workforce management and engagement tools are key to ensuring high performance.

Manufacturers will invest heavily in analytics, especially in solutions that provide actionable data for customer journeys and voice of the customer (VOC). With the huge amount of data available today from many sources, it needs to be integrated, extracted, organized, relevant, and personalized to provide customers with personalized and positive experiences.

Next year’s IT investments will be customer-centric. While most other industries considered “attracting and retaining talent” a priority, manufacturing companies continue to view this as an unimportant goal. Manufacturing companies tend to manage B2B customer interactions, which limits their view of end-customer expectations.

However, there is a trend of manufacturers selling direct to consumers, which requires investment in customer-facing technology to support them.

The main objectives of this research are to:

  • Understanding the impact of COVID-19 on contact centers

  • Understand the challenges facing organizations today

  • Monitor the state of digital transformation

  • Evaluate current and future use of contact center solutions

  • Assess factors driving investment in contact center solutions

  • Assess market and technology trends

  • Assess available IT budgets

  • Measuring perceptions by vertical industry

  • Discover the opportunities in different regions

Main topics covered:

1 Research objectives and methodology

  • Research objectives and methodology

  • Apps

  • Research Methodology

2 main findings

  • Strategic CX imperatives in manufacturing

  • 3 2022 Key Takeaways for Manufacturing CXOs

  • Business goals are customer-centric

  • People issues – Customers and employees resistant to change; Hard-to-remember expert resources

  • Safety concerns escalate with remote workers

  • CX is in the spotlight – Cost reduction remains a major concern

4 growth opportunities

  • Growth opportunity 1: Invest in self-service tools and live chats

  • Growth Opportunity 2: Expand the use of AI beyond robots for image recognition

  • Growth Opportunity 3: Deliver a personalized customer experience while managing costs with analytics

  • Growth Opportunity 4: Automation with AI

  • Growth Opportunity 5: Omnichannel Capabilities Improve Customer Loyalty

  • Growth Opportunity 6: Back to Basics

5 The Last Word

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