Corporate wellness initiatives for World Mental Health Day


According to search by Mates in Mind, employee absences due to illness can cost employers around £ 8.4bn per year, while presenteeism, or reduced productivity at work, can cost £ 15.1bn annually.

Happy employees are equal to happy customers and customers. Wellness initiatives are one of the most tangible ways for an organization to play a role in the wellness and mental health of its employees. By offering a range of different options, companies can ensure that employees feel valued and fulfilled, creating a happy and healthy workforce.

Additionally, during the pandemic, several charities reported an increase in calls for help:

  • Calls to domestic violence helplines have been 49% upper
  • Alcohol abuse charities received a 500% to augment

Callers come from all ages, regions and workforces. PPL PRS experts have advised a number of initiatives that companies can implement with little preparation to support their employees on World Mental Health Day:

1. Encourage physical activity

Staying in shape and adopting healthy habits is a great way to reduce stress and help your employees keep a cool head. Studies show that moving, whatever its form, can really help de-stress.

Whether it’s a half-hour yoga session over lunch or an after-work running club, providing opportunities to help your employees move can really improve their overall mood and their performance. Mental Health. We all know exercise is good for the body, but the feel-good endorphins released when we move really make a difference in how we see the day.

If you have a less fitness-focused workforce, even getting everyone out for a lunchtime walk can make all the difference. Walking half an hour every day really helps reduce tensions, stimulate enthusiasm and relax the brain. In turn, all of this helps staff be more productive when they return to their desks and stimulates the flow of creativity for the rest of the day.

2. Offer flexible work

For many employees, having a good work-life balance is the key to happiness in a job. Whether working full-time or part-time, it’s essential that your staff have time to relax, see friends and family, and indulge in hobbies.

Working around a ruthless work schedule can often hamper work-life balance, while flexible working can help employees feel valued, valued, and trustworthy. Providing a reasonably flexible or remote work schedule gives your employees the flexibility to take a break when they need it, while allowing them to be as productive as ever. In reality, three quarters of employees are more productive when working remotely, with just under a third getting more work done in less time.

3. Activate team activities

Organizing activities that the whole workforce can get involved in is a great way to bond between employees who would not typically socialize together. Team building tasks that require collaboration are the best way to get people to communicate, helping them build trust. Ultimately, you might even see an increased level of motivation in the office, as staff will be more committed to working towards common goals.

Creating a sports team or hosting a Pub Quiz night is a simple but great way to bring people together, but hosting charity events or hosting a karaoke night are also great ideas for fostering team spirit.

4. Promote mindfulness

Practicing mindfulness is one of the most effective ways to reduce stress, anxiety, and depression. Enabling employees to improve their awareness of different aspects of life and their importance facilitates positive emotions and harnesses creativity.

We’ve all heard of office dogs, but have you ever considered letting your employees bring their other furry friends to work? Bringing Your Pet to Work on work days is a favorite for many, and research actually shows that having a pet nearby can benefit your mental health.

Another thing that can influence your mental health is music. This is because it is considered a natural antidepressant because listening to music causes the release of dopamine, the hormone that can make us happy. Playing music through a licensed streaming service in the workplace in the office is a way that also improves the well-being as a whole, as it can also have an impact on stress reduction and can make employees more productive which can benefit both your employees and the business as a whole.

It’s good to ask, says the Google search engine

As the world returns to normal, Google is celebrating “the power of questions in building unity” in a new era.

Don’t be afraid to ask a coworker how they’re doing – or ask your boss to let pets into the office.

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