CEO: The future of work is hybrid

International Workspace Group, the world’s leading provider of flexible workspaces with brands such as Regus, Spaces and HQ, and business facilities management company VelcoAsia Management Corp. collaborate, innovate and grow together.
Lars Wittig, National Director of IWG Philippines

The two organizations have teamed up to develop Manila Coworking Powered by IWG, a franchise located in the historic port area of ​​Manila. IWG Philippines Country Director Lars Wittig said that while the pandemic has caused massive disruption to businesses and the global economy, it has also helped energize digital businesses and support businesses. “This is a very good sign because the interest in investing and being a part of the IWG and our network and the development of our network was actually more gradual during COVID even before COVID. We all knew the trends in real estate, in commercial real estate. This was a very rapid increase in demand for flexible workspaces instead of conventional leases. It was already growing, the trend was there, ”he said. IWG predicts that approximately 30 percent of all commercial office space would become flexible, one way or another, by 2030. “I can safely say and say that the future of work has arrived. early in the Philippines, no doubt. The future of work is hybrid. The traditional workspace is changing and employees have clearly shown a preference for hybrid work, which improves the comfort and benefits of work-life balance. Whether it is with the pandemic or not, flexible workspaces have long grown dramatically and a growing number of local and multinational companies have recognized its importance in retaining and attracting talent, ”said Wittig. “Powered by IWG” is a new concept that enables management companies to run their businesses with the help of IWG’s world-class systems, branding, marketing and sales activities. Operating under the IWG brand, management companies can tap into the global sales channel to attract attention and inquiries to their center, thereby improving occupancy performance. “Powered by IWG” enables them to generate operating and cost savings that benefit both their business and their tenants. The development of two IWG franchise centers under VelcoAsia has been accompanied by the growth of flexible working around the world. The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the need to transform the world of work, by accelerating the hybrid work model, a trend that has been going on for several years. Companies have challenged the traditional approach to commercial real estate and are now engaging in long-term hybrid work. “We have all been forced to have a huge flexible workspace experience, regardless of country and industry. We’ve all been asked to try and work from home and it’s been an incredibly good learning curve for CFOs, HR, and CEOs. In fact, employees already wanted this flexibility, but now everyone has embraced it. So there are new terms that have become, I would say, the legacy of COVID-19 and that’s hybrid work, ”Wittig said. He said that with the whole new kind of demand, even the largest businesses, corporate accounts or clients are turning to IWG to help them set up their own networks for hybrid work with office hubs. “And therefore, we also see a huge change not only in the type of inquiries and inquiries, but also in the sense that the interest, attention has been focused on these many companies, these new customers.” , did he declare. In a recent study, IWG found that 81% of companies globally predict that hybrid work will be the new normal and 82% of them have taken advantage of flexible work options. Another study found that 42% of workers surveyed in Southeast Asia are willing to work remotely, while 9 in 10 employees want flexibility in where and when to work. Manila Coworking Powered by IWG is designed to provide local and multinational businesses, including freelancers, entrepreneurs and MSMEs, with an unprecedented network of office, coworking and meeting spaces. Customers will benefit from a global network of workspaces that will allow employees to work where, when and how they want. It provides cost-effective business solutions to foster an inclusive community and propel businesses through collaboration and innovation. IWG noticed that Manila has a very unique demand from clients and although they see rapid progression of growth, they have realized the importance of anticipating growth and doing it with the right partners. “As we lead the global workspace revolution by driving innovation to enable businesses to adopt new styles of working, local partnerships are proving to be a key part of the success of our expansion plans. VelcoAsia, with its facilities management expertise and proven track record of growing the business, will be a reliable franchise partner as we strengthen our presence in the Philippines, ”said Matthew James Kenley, Director of Franchise Development IWG APAC. VelcoAsia Vice President Mario Veloso believes companies still facing the impact of the pandemic now have an opportunity to move forward with the rise of flexible workspaces as they adapt to new working methods. IWG is committed to increasing its presence in the Philippines from 25 to 43 locations. It allows flexible working in 11 major cities, including Metro Manila, Cebu, Davao and Clark.

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