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Last year, the global pandemic proved difficult for businesses and organizations across the state, country and the world. Now that unemployment incentives persist statewide, many local school districts cannot find people to fill vacancies, including full-time, advantaged positions.

The Carson City School District said one of the reasons for the shortage of applicants in recent times is due to the COVID-19 pandemic, where state and federal unemployment programs have hampered the filling of positions on time. full and part-time, and have even benefited from positions.

“The federal and state response to the COVID-19 pandemic has prompted individuals to stay at home, out of the workforce and take advantage of unemployment,” said Associate Superintendent Jose Delfin, who oversees the Human resources department for the Carson City School District. “Of course, last year when people couldn’t physically leave their homes, it made sense. But now that we are reopening more fully, there are still many vacancies. ”

Additionally, with the state’s new school funding mechanism providing stable or reduced funding in Nevada over the next several years, many districts are “tightening their belts.” However, there are necessary operational positions that still need to be filled.

Last night at the school board meeting, school trustees approved significant pay increases for part-time positions. The Carson City School District currently has positions open for:

– Nutrition workers
– Bus drivers
– Custodians
– Administrative assistants

“We have a great need for workers at this point,” said Delfin. “Currently, the district employs 950 full-time and 225 part-time employees. Of the 360 ​​educational support staff working for the school district, 100 staff work 40 hours per week for 12 months. The remaining 260 staff work an average of 30 to 35 hours per week for 10/11 months.

The neighborhood has taken a proactive approach since the last recession with salary studies, job upgrades and salary increases. All full-time employees receiving benefits receive pension and health benefits. A newbie bus driver working full time with no experience now earns $ 14.32 an hour with full benefits. A full-time, inexperienced nutrition employee now earns $ 13.65 per hour with full benefits, or part-time, $ 11.76 per hour. A starting custodian working full time with no experience now earns $ 13.91 per hour with full benefits and the successor custodian can earn $ 13.65 per hour. The crossing guards will now earn $ 11.76 per hour. Many Nevada school districts do not even employ crossing guards and rely solely on community volunteers or teachers to help with on-call duties.

The benefits program also helps recruit employees and it is available to those who work more than 30 hours per week, including the transportation department where they work 20 hours per week and earn health and retirement benefits. Some districts in Nevada do not offer benefits to their transportation employees.

The school district is also trying to maintain a pool of 60 reliable substitute teachers at the elementary, middle and high school levels, as well as needing a few substitute nurses each year, Delfin said.

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