Caring Colleges Lists Top 500 Employers in the Nation |

Forbes shines a light on institutions that are meeting the needs of employees despite the challenges facing the workplace in 2021-22.

Photo by Michael Marslund/Yale University

Nearly three dozen major colleges and universities – and 19 other mid-sized institutions of higher education – provide exceptional service and care to their employees and have successfully integrated the new Forbes Top 500 employer listings for 2022.

Among large employers, Yale University ranked first in the education category at No. 12, while the University of Michigan (16), the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (33), the he University of Oklahoma (48) and the University of Alabama at Birmingham (51) complete the top 5 in the sector. They beat nationally recognized companies such as LiveNation, Apple, Johnson & Johnson, Capital One, Ally Financial and Vanguard. Yale ranked higher than Microsoft, LinkedIn and Google.

“We are incredibly proud that OU has been recognized as one of America’s 50 Best Employers – an accolade that reinforces our efforts to foster an environment where everyone feels valued and welcomed and is part of our goal to change lives. lives,” OU President Joseph Harroz said. Jr. “This achievement is a testament to the outstanding commitment and care of our faculty and staff, who work hard every day to make the University of Oklahoma such a special place.”

Nearly 60,000 workers from institutions and companies across the country participated in the annual surveys of Forbes and Statista to determine the best of the best among those employing more than 1,000 or more people. Five of the top 10 were in the healthcare sector, including No. 1 The Children’s Hospital in Philadelphia, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in New York and the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota.

Duke University and its healthcare system are both ranked in the top 100, with the institution ranking 61st overall, one place ahead of Washington University in St. Louis.

“It continues to confirm that the work of our faculty and staff to create a supportive and engaging community is on the right track.” Kyle Cavanaugh, Duke’s vice president for administration, said in a statement. “This recognition, which extends across the country and to many different industries, bodes very well for our workforce. When, across the country, there are enormous challenges, it is gratifying to see the institution continue to be recognized.

Forbes highlighted the enormous hardship and hardship that employers and employees have endured over the past two years of pandemic fatigue. They noted that nearly 11 million jobs remain open as labor shortages affect many areas. But the work of business and higher education leaders to provide flexible work options for staff and faculty, continued health and insurance coverage, strong leave policies and career development helps set them apart. . Employers who performed well received high scores from respondents, who were asked to rate them on a scale of 0 to 10 based on pay, working conditions and training opportunities.

“During the COVID-19 pandemic, our employees faced countless challenges and obstacles, but they found creative solutions,” said David Munson, president of Rochester Institute of Technology, ranked 231st in the medium category. “We are deeply grateful and grateful for all they have done and accomplished to move RIT forward. RIT faculty and staff work extremely hard to provide an exceptional learning environment where our students can thrive. This award is a testament to the passion they bring to the job every day.

Among mid-sized institutions, only the California Institute of Technology cracked the Top 50 and made it to No. 7, an impressive ranking that places it in the top 10 along with Vera Bradley, FICO and Random House Publishing. Here are the two lists:


12. Yale University
16. University of Michigan
33. Massachusetts Institute of Technology
48. University of Oklahoma
51. University of Alabama, Birmingham
54. North Carolina State University
59. Emory University
61. Duke University
62. Washington University in St. Louis
65. Notre Dame University
68. University of Wisconsin, Madison
92. University of Maryland, Baltimore
93. University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
95. Rutgers University
100. University of Tennessee
104. Cornell University
106. University of Kentucky
119. Clemson University
120. University of California, San Diego
121. Ohio State University
144. Upstate Medical University – SUNY
149. Purdue University
155. University of Nebraska, Lincoln
158. University of Florida
190. University of Pennsylvania
212. University of Pittsburgh
214. Texas University of Technology
222. Pennsylvania State University
246. Arizona State University
261. West Virginia University
275. Temple University
279. University of Texas, Austin
285. University of Washington
296. Johns Hopkins University


7. California Institute of Technology
52. Pima Community College
69. Grand Canyon University
87. Brown University
88. Mississippi State University
101. University of Nebraska, Omaha
136. Loyola University of Chicago
144. East Tennessee State University
151. University of North Carolina, Charlotte
160. University of Maine
170. Louisiana State University and A&M College
199. Tarrant County University District
239. Rochester Institute of Technology
249. California State University, Northridge
272. Alabama State University
273. DuPage College
274. Nova Southeastern University
289. Kennesaw State University
348. Grand Valley State University

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