Captain Lee hated having to fire Andrew Sturby, but he explains why the producers changed the casting process – or did they?

Captain Lee Rosbach didn’t want to fire Andrew Sturby Under the bridge Season 2, but it was abundantly clear that Sturby had lied on his resume and knew nothing about yachting.

Rosbach struggled with his decision during the early days of the season. And when he fired Sturby, he hated letting him go because he liked the deckhand. But, his dismissal became an important moment for the cast of the series. Executive producer Mark Cronin told Showbiz Cheat Sheet that’s when the producers realized they needed to cast experienced people and do more due diligence.

However, Rosbach encountered another “Sturby” during Under the bridge Season 8 who admitted he had no yachting experience.

Captain Lee struggled with his decision to fire Andrew Sturby

the Under the bridge The Season 2 crew was visibly annoyed when Sturby made countless rookie mistakes on deck. They were particularly frustrated when Sturby received an equal share of the tip when they didn’t think he deserved it. But Rosbach did not want to fire Sturby immediately.

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“It’s my decision, and it’s never easy to fire someone and send them packing their bags. That being said, I decided to give it the benefit of the doubt and a second chance. We all know my thoughts on second chances, but it’s my choice, my bad if it’s bad,” he wrote in his Bravo blog.

But once it became clear that Sturby had lied about his qualifications, Rosbach had no choice. And he wasn’t happy that he had to let Sturby go. “I have no idea what that means, but when he explained that he had embellished his resume, short for lie, that explained a lot,” Rosbach explained. “I still love the kid, but I have a duty to the crew and he’s part of it.”

He changed the cast of the series

The first days of Under the bridge involved a lot of trial and error. “At first we were a little more blind,” admitted Cronin. “We had hired people who had no real reason to be there. Sturby is a famous example. Thanks to Sturby, we now check all references. Everyone must give us three references of boats they have worked on. We check them quite carefully. As for being a boater, it’s much more controlled than before.

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And while a few green crew members are featured on the show, Cronin said references are checked and casting agents make sure “we’re not pulling people off the farms to put them on the boat anymore.” , did he declare.

He added: “We will always have a green person,” he said. “But when I mean green, they only worked on another charter boat.”

But Captain Lee eventually met ‘another’ Andrew Sturby

Although Cronin said Sturby changed the way casting agents screened the crew, deckhand Shane Coopersmith of Under the bridge Season 8 was cast with apparently no experience. “I regret not having studied yachting more before getting on the boat. And I could have learned more knots. I could have read more manuals, or maybe I could have flown to Florida a month earlier and worked on a yacht,” he said on the Behind the Velvet Rope with David Yontef Podcast.

“[Producers] were like, Hey, like it was a real job,” he said. “Like I remember sitting in the executive producer’s office in Hollywood and he was at his desk. I was on the other side. He’s like, hey, this is a real fucking job. As if you were going to work 14 hours a day non-stop. It is a very unsustainable industry. Like they were spitting gas and loving it all.

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Coopersmith admitted he only wanted to continue Under the bridge share its message of sustainability. He was annoyed when he thought he got a bad mod and his durability message was dropped. “I didn’t understand the archetype I was going to be while I was on the boat,” Coopersmith said. “And then, basically, in the second episode of the season, I saw the archetype that they put me in.”

Coopersmith stayed on the boat longer than Sturby but was fired for Under the bridge Episode 7.

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