CanaData 2021 – Coletto: Resetting the state of mind is the key to post-pandemic success


After more than a year of living with the reality of a global pandemic, data experts like David Coletto are examining how life has changed and what that could mean for the future.

Coletto, CEO of Abacus Data, presented his ideas at this year’s CanaData conference. The event explored the economic and data trends occurring around the world with presentations from experts.

“If you have paid attention to your own life and how it is different, to your choices and to your new habits, you can begin to see that this pandemic is likely to have a big impact on the way the world works and on people. decisions we make, ”Coletto said.

He pointed to data from the start of the pandemic which showed that 70% of Canadians expected the pandemic to run its course in five months or less.

“The longer something lasts, it forces our behavior to change,” he said. “My thesis is that whether you are the head of a large organization or a sole proprietor, having a reset mindset is what will get you through this immense amount of change.

He added that many of the changes that are happening are actually accelerations of things that were already underway.

Coletto explained that he sees several takeaways. The first is that the values ​​do not change. Instead, people are empowered to express more of their true values. With more flexible work options, people can work more from home and live further away from urban areas like Toronto or Vancouver.

This increase in home work and the decrease in the number of people in city centers could have an impact on city planning, transportation projects and the way city centers are used.

Coletto also sees a massive refocus on health, social interactions, and fulfillment in life.

“The long-term impact will not just be for those who have had COVID or who have lost loved ones or had health care delays because of it – there are scars that have been left on our system. health, ”he said. “We are going to reconsider things.

ABACUS DATA — David Coletto, CEO of Abacus Data, spoke about how the COVID-19 pandemic is changing the way we work, live and spend at this year’s CanaData conference.

Coletto says the data shows changes in the way people live, work and shop. This could be a challenge for the construction industry which lacks the capacity to implement some of the work flexibility that office-related roles may have.

“The labor shortage in the trades was a real challenge before this and it creates a new challenge,” he said. “We cannot build buildings remotely. “

However, that might not mean smaller offices or fewer offices. He noted that there might be a demand for offices more suited to hosting large virtual meetings which may still require a large footprint.

Coletto cited a “pandemic paradox” where data shows that although a majority of Canadians are vaccinated, many still feel uncomfortable attending full restaurants or live performances.

“Finding solace while being anxious and annoyed,” Coletto said, is the paradox.

One of the bright spots has been the return to a simpler life and more family time. He said data shows many are exploring hobbies like baking or gardening. And working from home has allowed families to spend much more time together with less pressure to entertain or go out.

“Half of Canadians say life is easier and less complicated,” he said, adding that many have used it as an opportunity to improve by focusing on their health.

Ultimately, Coletto suspects that we will find ourselves somewhere between a return to life before the pandemic and the total lockdowns that were seen at the start of the pandemic.

When it comes to attracting workers, flexibility quickly becomes a major factor.

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