BruntWork Named One of the World’s Leading Outsourcing Agencies

BruntWork has been named one of the World’s Leading Outsourcing Companies by Review Rumble. What separated BruntWork from the competition was their ability to serve both publicly traded companies or a growing startup with fully managed outsourcing solutions with hourly rates ranging from $ 4 to $ 8 per hour. hour, which can make a huge difference in a company’s bottom line. The company saw 700% revenue growth in 2021 during the pandemic, as small and medium-sized businesses around the world looked for ways to cut costs.

Unlike the competition, BruntWork has teams responsible for administration, sales, support, finance, payroll, or web development with low cost, high performance talent handpicked and individually selected to the needs of each client. Virtual assistants were also a very popular category for the business.

BruntWork specializes in building a distributed workforce for businesses of all sizes, including virtual assistants, social media managers, Google advertising specialists, customer support, and sales. BruntWork is able to source top talent for clients located around the world. The BruntWork recruiting process is about more than just one geographic location. The Review Rumble ranking noted BruntWork’s ability to increase or decrease the number of customers as a key factor in bringing BruntWork to the number one position. In fiscal year 22, BruntWork will have approximately 1,200 customers worldwide.

BruntWork takes care of everything for the customers; computer hiring, payroll and deployment; and computer installation and maintenance. The main difference from other outsourcing companies was the caliber of BruntWork employees. Employees are trained to think, speak and speak like part of the customer’s local team. Heavily trained by talented entrepreneurs with over thirty years of combined experience managing remote teams from the Philippines, BruntWork staff are expected to deliver massive output and perfect English 50% to 70% cheaper than its local counterparts.

The result is a workforce capable of transforming production and results in equal measure. A 30% unemployment rate in Manila keeps them at work at a level you simply can’t find in your own backyard. BruntWork has received numerous customer awards and the 2021 Review Rumble Award only confirms BruntWork’s position at the top of the industry.

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