Bravo Screens is very pleased to present the most innovative screen system ever: Lanai Screens.

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Covered deck screens

Covered deck screens

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Covered veranda mosquito nets

Bravo Screens is very pleased to present the most innovative screen system of all time: Lanai Screens. When the sun is the problem, Bravo Screens has the solution!

VICTORIA, BC, CANADA, December 14, 2021 / – Bravo Screens is very pleased to present the most innovative screen system ever: Lanai Screens.
When the sun is the problem, Bravo Screens has the solution!

Don’t just renovate your home, rejuvenate it with a Lanai Screen fence. Whether it’s enclosing your outdoor space or just adding a screen system, Bravo Screens will custom design these Lanai screens to meet the specific needs of any home’s uniqueness. Lanai screens can transform solariums, mosquito nets or closed porches. From modest to extravagant, Bravo Screens will custom design and manufacture the screens to meet the needs, budget and lifestyle that fit any home. Create a clean, modern look, while protecting the investment from harmful UV rays. Control glare and reduce cooling costs – all while preserving that spectacular view.
Bravo Screens designs and manufactures Lanai screens right here in North America in a state-of-the-art facility. This allows for a quick installation process and saves money; as well as being a local family business that only uses highly trained in-house technicians to install the new Lanai displays.

Enjoy the option of privacy and sun protection, while avoiding insects from the comfort of the beautiful patio or deck! Built with North American homes in mind, these Lanai Pool Screens come in versatile options to ensure that customers not only get quality performance, but the right customization for the pool as well.

Bravo designed a Lanai Display with rolling panels that provide structural integrity and provide maximum visibility without glare. Lanai screens are made of a nearly invisible, black painted aluminum mesh that provides superior strength and resists sagging. Plus, they stay cleaner longer than traditional fiberglass screens. The extruded aluminum frame provides structural integrity for maximum durability and longevity. Ultrasonic fabric options that resist the sun while giving you a wide range of colors and patterns. Modern motor technology to control your retractable screen from the comfort of your seat. Several color options for your Lanai screen casing.

Bravo Screens has improved recessed retractable roll-up screens for the outdoor area. They are now designed to be used only when needed. When not in use, they stay hidden and out of sight. When you are looking for a retractable screen for your swimming pool; choose customizable, high-strength screen options for surrounding bridges.

Bravo Consultants will make sure you get the perfect custom option for your particular needs. For a new home construction, Bravo Screens will work with the architect and builder to incorporate roll screens into the designs and ensure the best possible layout. This retractable system blends into the door leaf and can be installed in virtually any opening, providing an unobstructed view that older standard screens did not allow. Whether building a new construction or renovating, Bravo customer support agents are happy to help you get the right system for any project.

Bravo Lanai screens for outdoor spaces are designed using an energy efficient “green” concept of increasing the cross flow of fresh air into your deck area. Bravo Lanai displays also require little maintenance. As with other windows and doors in the house, the ultimate durability of your screen relies on annual maintenance. The annual maintenance plan is surprisingly simple and takes very little time. Clean and clear the tracks. At Bravo Screens, all shading products are custom made to specification using only the finest fabrics, materials, components and specialty hardware.

“Bravo Screens thinks it can be difficult to understand and choose the right solar material for each application. Unlike a generic window covering company, we are sun protection specialists. The main benefit of solar shades or sun shades is the ability to protect pool furniture and deck from damage, ”said Singh, President and CEO.

“At Bravo Screens, our Lanai Screen Kits are a great way for experienced DIY enthusiasts to install part additions themselves while benefiting from the quality and craftsmanship our brand offers. Bravo displays offer a variety of options including room size, roof style, glass type, and frame color. Lanai DIY Kits can be shipped anywhere in North America. “

About Bravo Screens: Bravo Screens is a world leader in the furniture industry. Window Treatments for Home or Business – The cutting edge and distinctive product portfolio includes Venetian Shades, Window Shades, Roman Shades, Wood Shades, Wood Shutters, Plantation Shutters, Shades Cellular for French doors, vertical blinds and mini blinds for all types of shapes and sizes! Built on over 115 years of ingenuity and intensive attention to consumers.

Bravo has sold thousands of products over the past decade in the North American market with unmatched customer satisfaction. Now, Bravo is expanding the new Bravo Lanai Screen product line to customers across the country and intends to continue its commitment to providing the best customer service in the industry!
Bravo Lanai displays are now available for purchase, with a retail program that requires deposit here in the North American office. For more information on availability, as well as detailed product information and technical specifications, call us toll-free. The team is ready to schedule a free estimate. Appraisers will appraise the property, then provide a detailed estimate and answer any questions. Call today!

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