Bravo Screens is pleased to present the latest innovative product: retractable swimming pool screens

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large motorized retractable screen

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large retractable front door screens

Bravo Screens is pleased to present the latest innovative product: retractable swimming pool screens. When the sun is the problem, there is a solution!

VICTORIA, BC, CANADA, December 6, 2021 / – Bravo Screens is pleased to present the latest innovative product: retractable swimming pool screens. When the sun is the problem, there is a solution!

Create a clean, modern look, while protecting pool furniture and deck from harmful UV rays. Control glare and reduce cooling costs, while preserving eyesight. Motorized retractable screens appear at the push of a button and disappear when not in use.

Bravo Screens designs and manufactures retractable swimming pool screens right here in North America in a state-of-the-art facility. This allows for a quick installation process and saves money.

Bravo Screens is a family business that uses highly trained in-house technicians to design and manufacture the latest retractable pool screens.

Enjoy complete privacy and protection from the sun! Designed for North American homes, Bravo pool screens are available in versatile options to ensure a reliable screen with quality performance.
Advantages :

Privacy to relax in an intimate and comfortable setting. Protection from the sun’s UV rays, glare, insects and light rain. Protection of furniture against fading and bad weather. Sun-resistant ultrasonic fabric options while offering a wide range of colors and patterns. Modern motor technology to control the retractable screen with a remote control. Several color options for the retractable screen housing. When looking for a retractable screen for the pool; Bravo screens have customizable, high-strength screen options for the pool and surrounding decks. For the construction of new homes, Bravo Screens will work with the architect and builder to incorporate roll screens into their designs and ensure the best possible layout.

Bravo retractable screens blend into the door leaf and can be installed in virtually any opening, providing an unobstructed view that older standard screens do not. Whether it’s constructing a new building or renovating it, customer service agents will be happy to help you find the right design for the building.

Bravo retractable pool screens for all pool areas are designed using an energy efficient “green” concept of increasing the cross flow of fresh air into your patio area.

Bravo retractable pool screens are also low maintenance. These screens feature durability and low annual maintenance. The annual maintenance plan is surprisingly simple and takes very little time to clean and clear the tracks. At Bravo Screens, all shading products are custom made to specification using only the finest fabrics, materials, components, and specialty hardware.

“Bravo Screens believes in understanding and choosing the right solar material for your beautiful pool. Unlike a generic window covering company, Bravo Screens specializes in sun protection. The main benefit of solar shades or sun shades is the ability to protect pool furniture and deck from damage, ”said Singh, President and CEO.

“At Bravo Screens, the home is without a doubt your best investment. All efforts to increase its value by installing retractable swimming pool screens should be left to the team of highly experienced professionals at Bravo Screens. “About Bravo Screens: is a world leader in the world of home furnishings.

Window Treatments for Your Home or Business – Bravo Pool’s advanced and distinctive product line retractable screen portfolio includes Venetian Shades, Window Shades, Roman Shades, Wood Shades, Wood Shutters, Roller Shutters, plantation, cellular shades for french doors, vertical shades and mini shades for all types of shapes and sizes!

Built on over 115 years of ingenuity and intensive attention to consumers. Bravo Screens has sold thousands of products over the past decade to the North American market with unmatched customer satisfaction. Bravo Screens is expanding its new line of retractable pool screen products to customers across North America and Bravo intends to continue its commitment to providing the best customer service in the industry! Bravo Retractable Pool Screens are now available for purchase, with a retail program that requires deposit at our North American office. For more information on availability, as well as detailed product information and technical specifications, call Bravo Screens on our toll-free hotline. Our team is ready to schedule a free estimate.

Bravo estimators will assess the project, then provide a detailed estimate and answer any questions.

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