Biosero, a subsidiary of BICO Biosciences, obtains a new patent for laboratory automation planning software

Granted by the United States Patent and Trademark Office, with extensions filed worldwide, the patent covers an approach that gives labs the ability to increase productivity to save time and money.

Biosero, Inc., a BICO company and developer of laboratory automation solutions to orchestrate scientific discovery, announced the issuance of a key patent underlying its Green Button Go® Scheduler, laboratory automation scheduling software. laboratory. This patent will accelerate the bioconvergence revolution by enabling the implementation of larger, more connected, automated science solutions while providing an unprecedented degree of process flexibility that has been lacking in lab automation until now.

Biosero’s Green Button Go software enables scientists to automate workflows ranging from a single workstation to operations that span multiple labs. With a number of extensions, hundreds of available drivers, and an intuitive control interface, Green Button Go software is flexible, scalable, and easily customizable for a wide range of lab needs.

“At Biosero, we are committed to providing innovative laboratory automation solutions to help our customers discover new scientific insights and accelerate the development of new treatments for diseases,” said Tom Gilman, CEO of Biosero. “The award of this patent recognizes this innovation and also provides validation that even with many software tools on the market, there is room for a truly new and differentiated approach.”

The patent, titled “Automated Control of Multi-Process Using Robotic Equipment for Complex Workflows”, covers an important feature known as the Multipath Scheduler, which provides users with advanced tools for moving samples around the lab, such as the ability to draw several trajectories for different plates which will be executed simultaneously. The technology enables the planning and execution of complex laboratory equipment transport scenarios that are dynamically planned, optimized and scheduled on different modes of transport simultaneously, such as multiple robot arms, tracks, conveyors and autonomous mobile robots.

“Automated lab workflows are becoming increasingly complex, and automation software must keep pace by giving users more flexibility and more sophisticated features to manage their processes,” said David Dambman, director of technology at Biosero and inventor of the patent. “Our Multipath Scheduler tool represents an essential capability for any scheduling software platform and ensures efficient and robust delivery of lab equipment to where it needs to be in a complex and ever-changing lab environment.”

About Biosero, Inc.

Biosero, a member of the BICO Group, develops science-centric software and laboratory automation solutions that allow researchers to orchestrate their discoveries at every step. Green Button Go® Scheduler software and Biosero integration services combine lab automation with science, creating a cohesive technology ecosystem that speeds operations and increases productivity. Additionally, Green Button Go Orchestrator applications provide an end-to-end laboratory management solution, directing workflows and operations in life sciences, biotechnology, pharmaceutical and diagnostic research. . Biosero is passionate about partnering with organizations dedicated to improving lives by meeting the world’s most important needs. For more information, please visit

About BICO

Founded in 2016, BICO (formerly CELLINK) enables the future of life-saving treatments by reducing organ shortage and accelerating drug development by providing accessible life science solutions that combine biology and technology (bioconvergence). The company is focused on the development, manufacture, sale and support of its life science equipment, consumables and reagents for both manufacturing and research purposes. BICO has over 25,000 products in the field, sales in over 65 countries, ships to the top 20 pharmaceutical companies, and has been cited in over 10,000 scientific publications. BICO is listed on Nasdaq Stockholm under: BICO.

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