Best Remote Work Software Options in 2022

Looking for software to add to your computer for your remote work setup? In 2020, COVID-19 has changed the way people work. Many traditional office environments have been transformed into remote working. Therefore, many employees and companies are looking for software to help them complete their work. Even in 2022, many companies are still using remote setup as the virus surge continues and are saving money as some companies have reported saving money by using remote work.

Here are some of the software you can use:


Movavi lets you easily edit your videos, music, and photos on any platform or device. They also encourage people to edit and create more videos.

Employees can use this video software to create advertisements, marketing materials, and social media content.

Here are some Movavi features that would be perfect for your remote setup:

  • Easy to use user interface
  • Add transitions with sounds
  • Add titles, stickers and audio files
  • Fast processing of 4k videos
  • Animating keyframes
  • Has a movie maker tool

You may encounter difficulties while editing videos, such as converting videos depending on the platform you will publish them on. Like, M4V to MP4, the format commonly used in different platforms. You can use Movavi to convert M4V to any required format.

Some other online video converters you can use are:

2. Hub Staff

Hubstaff helps companies track their employees’ working hours. They are designed for Mac, Windows, and Linux, which are common desktop settings for remote setups. Employers can track when workers start and stop the clock, and then the day’s working hours are automatically logged. Notifications will also be sent to team members who don’t remember to stop the timer.

There are other features you can try with Hubstaff:

  • Team activity with their keyboard and mouse
  • Hours of work devoted to a project by each member
  • Track expenses
  • Project profitability monitoring
  • Payroll management
  • Employee billing
  • Project reports

3. Google Drive

Remote configuration will bring you many files to store to get all the company information. Having large files can slow down your computer, but there is cloud storage to store your files and access them over the internet. Good Drive is a cloud-based storage system that offers up to 2 terabytes of storage. You can also edit documents, spreadsheets, and presentations using it and track changes made by collaborators such as other members of your team. If you check other colleagues’ files, you can add comments and notes, and they have the choice to accept or reject your suggestions and do the same for your files they check.

4. Switch plan

Scheduling a project while setting up remotely is difficult, especially if you want to track the progress of each team member. One of the software you can use is the Toggl plan. It is used to plan projects with different collaborators and you can set milestones to track progress.

5. Todoist

Todoist keeps track of what you need to accomplish for the day, week, or month. This will help you be productive and remember all the tasks you need to complete so you don’t get scolded for delays in the team workflow. When there are additional tasks, you can easily modify them using the software. It has also joined some of the famous virtual assistants like Google Home and Alexa that let you ask for your daily tasks and voice your extra tasks.

6. Channels

Channels provide a system for web calls to contact customers. You can also view the customer’s contact information before the call so that you can easily consult their file to find out about their subscription or their purchases in your company. So when you call, you’ll know what to offer if there are any complaints and inquiries. The system also works by allowing customers to call you directly from your website completely free of charge. This will not only help customers but assure them of your excellent service where you are always ready to help them.

7. Recognition of direct debits

In order to increase work performance, importance must be given to the social bond between employees. Recognition of levies is perfect for this by designing events and preparing rewards for work teams. This software gives you data on how to understand remote engagement and tells you what you need to do to improve remote social interaction between employees.

It’s hard to understand how your employees are doing in a remote work environment. Thus, this software is perfect to know if the initiatives you give are working. You can also use this software to conduct employee surveys, give feedback and rewards, and then use a sophisticated analytics backend to track the progress of your programs and make any necessary changes.

Its notable features are:

  • Provides a social wall where employees are free to share their thoughts and express their gratitude
  • Offer advice on how to improve health and well-being
  • Easily distribute feedback and recognition mechanisms

8. Congratulations

Kudos is a space for you and your co-workers to take time off and celebrate small wins, birthdays, company anniversaries, and more. The software provides real-time feedback where employees can post messages and establish communication with the team.

9. HelloSign

One of the challenges when setting up remote work is requiring signatures from different people in the company. You cannot travel from house to house to get all 20 endorsements. HelloSign can help you by sending the document to all signers. You will be notified once someone has opened and signed the document. If you are also having difficulty writing a letter or document, there are templates available with the software and you can choose the one that suits your needs.


Remote work can be challenging, especially balancing your time at home with your time at work. However, some software can help you and your business become more productive and communicate well.

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