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In the aftermath of the pandemic-induced labor disruption, pro-worker policies are key for economies to accelerate the jobs recovery.

European workers are not engaging in the great American-style quit in quite equal numbers to the United States, raising the question of whether the former are simply happier at work than their American counterparts. On-the-job benefits for employees in Europe are generally more generous than in the United States, which, for a wealthy country, has a low minimum wage, fewer holidays, and no parental or sick leave.

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Does the Dutch workforce master all digital skills? Discover Show less

Since the pandemic, companies are realizing that employee expectations have changed when it comes to benefits and the things they value. Employers are mobilizing to show that they are adapting to this changing work landscape.

Moreover, the additional benefits offered by a company speaks volumes about the culture of a company, what it values ​​and gives a good indication to job seekers on how they treat their employees.

Request for full services family allowance programs was already on the rise before the Covid, but the pandemic has brought them to the fore. A generous benefits package can often include specialized services also including referrals from primary care physicians. From dermatological health services to sleep specialists, many health coverage options include coverage for non-routine specialty exams and procedures.

In addition to health benefits, many employers provide paid vacationwhere staff can schedule personal time off.

Companies are also investing in ways to support teleworkers in setting up and maintaining their home office, while others show how much they appreciate not only the work of their employees, but also their physical and psychological well-being through benefits for mental health and well-being.

And probably the most topical benefit to arise in recent years is flexible work options. While many have always been skeptical of the impact of remote work on productivity and business workflow, the pandemic has proven that many workers can perform their jobs as well, if not better, working remotely. residence.

So how does the benefits of your current position compare to those of some of the companies currently hiring?

Here are three roles with competitive advantages worth considering, and for even more jobs, visit our Job Board.

Senior Market Manager, Airbnb

The company: Airbnb wants to create a world where anyone can belong anywhere. The company’s various functions embody its spirit of innovation and its dynamic team is committed to leading like a 21st century company. Under the Airbnb umbrella, HotelTonight makes it easy to book great hotels at great last-minute rates.

Benefits: One of Airbnb’s most coveted employee benefits is an annual travel allowance. Paid quarterly, it allows employees to stay in any Airbnb listing around the world. Comprehensive healthcare plans, generous parental and family leave, learning and development opportunities, and retirement planning are just a few of the benefits Airbnb offers employees.

The role: As a Senior Market Manager, you will manage individual hotel and/or chain accounts and acquire high quality inventory. By focusing on these responsibilities, you will reinforce HotelTonight’s strong market presence in your territory and collaborate with other teams as a local expert in the market. Partnering, strategizing and managing day-to-day operations directly with hotels and chains and ensuring that the company always has the best inventory and hotel deals available to our customers is part of the day-to-day work.

You will need: Previous experience in the hospitality industry is definitely a plus, while more than eight years of professional experience, focusing on guest relations and business strategy, is essential. In addition, a proactive mindset, excellent communication, organizational and analytical skills are exceptional skills needed to land this role, as well as flexibility to travel.

Learn more about the Senior Market Manager role and discover other Airbnb jobs on our Job Board.

Customer Acquisition Manager – Team Germany, iwoca

The company: Iwoca is an online Fintech company based in London and offers credit facilities to small businesses trading in the UK and Germany through an automated lending platform.

Benefits: In addition to medical insurance, discounted gym membership, emotional and mental health support services, this role includes sharing options, access to learning platforms like Treehouse if you will learn to code and bi-annual corporate retreats to destinations such as the French Alps.

The role: This is one of the most central and important positions and part of the management team at iwoca Germany, as you will be overall responsible for acquiring new customers across all channels and the key player in the market for its product-market fit.

You will need: Technical skills, experience, resilience and passion for collaboration and leadership. Beyond that, they will provide you with everything you need to be effective in your role – an in-depth understanding of iwoca, products, processes, business model and unit economics, as well as knowledge and structures he has already built in his success. path so far.

Sounds too good to be true? Apply today or discover other positions at iwoca on our job board.

Fullstack engineer (hybrid job), FLYR

The company: FLYR offers AI-powered total revenue management software with forecasting, pricing and business optimization tools for airlines, travel and transportation.

Benefits: Not a morning person? FLYR offers flexible working hours to help you perform at your best. Although a hybrid working philosophy may appeal to some job seekers, it also has a modern office in the heart of Amsterdam with rental e-bikes and a fully stocked fridge, lunch reimbursements and plenty of social activities when you decide to go to the office. You will also have the opportunity to become a shareholder of FLYR and share in its success.

The role: The successful Fullstack Engineer will join a growing team to deliver a complex business application targeting the revenue management function in the airline industry. This application offers complex multi-dimensional analysis and visualization of airline datasets, visualization of machine learning forecasts and supports complex analyst workflows to manage FLYR’s Cirrus solution.

You will need: You will have a degree and/or advanced subject matter expertise and successful industry experience in computer science, computer engineering, mathematics, economics or operations research, as well as independence, a pragmatic approach, attention to detail and strong communication skills.

If you would like to learn more about this role or other opportunities at FLYR, visit our Job Board today.

For more information on how your package measures up in 2022, check out our Job Board and explore the companies hiring today and their benefits.

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