Benefits for parents working in fintech – what’s on offer?

Parents all over the world are familiar with the concept of working like you don’t have kids and parenting like you don’t have a job. But things are changing. Modern companies, like those in fintech, are prioritizing benefits for parents and caregivers, and employees are increasingly knowledgeable about what to ask for.

From a day-to-day perspective, having a flexible work schedule is one of the most useful things an organization can offer. Remote and hybrid work options with asynchronous work practices are high on many parents’ wish lists in the workplace. Flexible hours often include time off or the ability to telecommute when a child is not feeling well or childcare is not available. This has become particularly relevant for parents of young children who have cocooned during Covid and now see their little one catching a different bug or virus seemingly every week.

On-site daycare or crèche is the gold standard, and a huge perk offered at the headquarters of large multinationals, but beyond that, some employers partner with nearby childcare services for rates reduced or even provide back-up care for children and seniors. when employee plans fail. Childcare assistance is particularly useful for parents who are completing their paid leave but cannot secure regular childcare placement until their child is one year old, which is often at least six years away. month. As childcare costs hugely affect a household’s budget – and often a parent’s return to the workplace – this is one of the hot topics for retaining experienced talent right now.

For those about to start a family, major companies offer a range of benefits for pregnancy, adoption, fertility and new parents. From 26-52 weeks of fully paid parental leave for the primary caregiver after birth or adoption to paid leave for secondary caregivers, the net widens beyond maternity benefits. And while fertility isn’t explicitly mentioned in a company’s benefits, take a closer look at their healthcare plan to see if treatments like egg freezing and IVF are included.

Many people in their 30s and 40s fall into the “sandwich generation” category. This means caring for their own children and aging parents at the same time. If that sounds like you, look for benefits that ease the load, such as discounts at elder care facilities and service providers, and legal aid.

If you’re thinking about getting parental benefits, here are three family-friendly businesses and roles worth considering. And for even more opportunities, consult the FinExtra job board.


The location: This role can be based in Monzo’s London office or remotely in the UK.

The company: Since its inception in 2015, online banking based on an application Monzo has more than four million customers in the United Kingdom. Monzo makes it easy to transfer money between friends using phone numbers or Bluetooth, and is free to sign up, transfer payments and make cash withdrawals from the UK.

The role: Monzo is currently recruiting for a number of positions, including a Senior Data Scientist to help optimize payments for users. In this role, the successful candidate will own Monzo’s payment data and make it easily accessible to stakeholders at all levels. They will resolve issues that have the greatest impact on the business, generate data insights, refine the user journey, and proactively detect opportunities within the business.

Benefits: Monzo has a strong reputation for benefits, including 52 paid weeks of primary caregiver leave. They also offer flexible working, saying they “trust you to work enough hours to do your job well, at times that are convenient for you and your team.” Part-time work is also facilitated: “We will achieve this whenever we can, whether it is to help you meet other commitments or find a good work-life balance.

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The location: Washington, United States

The company: PayPal needs no introduction as the world’s largest online payment system, with over 25,000 employees worldwide. The US-based multinational facilitates online money transfers, as an alternative to checks and money orders in any global currency.

The role: The role of Senior Director, Tax – Controversy & Policy reports to the Vice President of Tax at PayPal. The successful candidate will be responsible for PayPal’s U.S. federal and state income tax, and lead a team that connects with all areas of the business to collect and analyze data for audits. The executive will also proactively mitigate future risks through strategic vision.

Benefits: PayPal offers paid maternity and paternity leave for employees with one or more years of continuous employment. New parents can also access a parenting coach through Cleo for the first year of parenting, while the PayPal Rethink program offers information and support for those navigating parenting a child with developmental disabilities.

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3. crowd cube

The location: Paris, France

The company: A leading crowdfunding platform, Crowdcube is dedicated to helping entrepreneurs raise funds to start or grow their business. By connecting start-ups to investors, Crowdcube gives investors a real stake in the companies they fund and gives entrepreneurs a greater chance of succeeding.

The role: This successful candidate for this position of Senior Equity Fundraising Manager – Business Development will play a fundamental role in the international growth of Crowdcube, with a particular focus on France. They will speak to top founders and entrepreneurs to educate them on the fundraising process with Crowdcube. On a daily basis, they will generate leads, build and maintain relationships, and collaborate with colleagues across the business to improve processes.

Benefits: In 2021, Crowdcube published a guide for companies looking to introduce or revise parental leave policies suitable for a modern workforce. Crowdcube offers medical and private life insurance and says its flexible working policy has been particularly well received by employees with family responsibilities.

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