Bell Home Furnishings offers customers a personal touch, customization

WILKES-BARRE – Sometimes someone else has already said it best.

So, as Bell Home Furnishings states on its website, “We have grown and improved, but we have never lost our values.”

This “bigger and better” refers to the expansion and growth the store has experienced over its 63 years. Since opening on South Main Street in 1959 with just one floor of furniture, Bell now has five floors across two galleries of premium furniture that will satisfy every need, want, desire and taste.

And these values? Bell was and still is family owned and operated, and still located on South Main St (99-113 to be exact), making it a mainstay of the downtown community for decades now.

James Bellezza, Director of Bell Home Furnishings, explained what separates Bell from the “big box furniture store,” sitting inside the Leather Gallery, which is Bell’s newest expansion a few years ago.

He said, “They are cookie-cutter. In other words, they’re going to buy a truckload of the same product and that’s basically it. Bell is different. We custom cover just about anything you want or make it in various sizes. You can buy it with leather, you can buy it with fabric or you can buy it with a combination.

Bell is not interested in mass producing the same products over and over again. Bell cares more about customer needs. And that’s why they offer full customization, home delivery, and even help customers arrange rooms or plan “rooms to grow” for kids of all ages.

And while the pandemic, of course, has brought its challenges, Bell has had a unique experience.

Bellezza explained that there was an increase in business in the home office section as many people had to transition to working from home.

Also, he said, “The furniture industry is linked to the housing industry. When people move into a home, they always think about changing furniture… trying to bring everything up to date.

And the pandemic, there were a lot of people trying to get out of crowded areas, and find somewhere a little more isolated.

Bellezza also spoke about the biggest impact on business, during the pandemic and to date: shipping.

Although he said Bell is still experiencing lockdowns, “95%” of its suppliers and manufacturers are located in the US and things seem to be “working out” somewhat.

With that in mind, Bellezza said, “I think 2022 and 2023 should be very good years,” although her biggest concern within the furniture industry is inflation.

But Bell Home Furnishings and Bellezza fell on hard times, like the flooding after Hurricane Agnes in 1972. They persevered and remained unfazed, and it looks like little has changed.

In fact, Bellezza—accompanied by her dog and other friends from nearby local businesses, like Don Armstrong of the Circle Center for the Arts—walks to Starbucks at Wilkes University’s Simms Center, just down the street, to a coffee every morning. Just another testament to their love and dedication to this Diamond City we call home.

When you buy from Bell Home Furnishings, you are not a dollar sign. You are a person, a customer, a local resident.

With hundreds of different styles, custom genuine cowhide leather, custom colors, custom living room and dinette, bedrooms, home office and just about anything you can think of, Bell is truly a one-stop-shop for home decor that gives your home a real personality that stands out, just like the store itself.

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