Backlash against Ellen DeGeneres exposed Hollywood’s hypocrisy


Twitter, in many ways, is a deeply unpleasant and unhealthy place. But sometimes he exposes pride of the rich and powerful in a way that mainstream media never could.

The profiles of fabulous celebrities in the magazines weren’t accompanied by public commentators who pulled out the narrative, but those golden years of unchallenged moral authority are long gone. The fact that celebrities can no longer hide behind the pages of a post with their best interests in mind is a wonderful new development.

Social media might be infested with petty and abusive trolls, but it’s also teeming with smart and insightful people who are free to point out the nastier aspects of our beloved celebrities. So when a photo of Ellen DeGeneres, who has built her career on a warm public figure and an outspoken attitude against injustice, laughing with former President George W. Bush began to circulate, the image has attracted much criticism.

The sight of Ellen, an LGBT icon, befriending a president who refused to acknowledge and properly classify LGBT hate crimes, seemed very much at odds with Ellen’s publicly stated values. The countless innocent people slaughtered in the Iraq War, as well as fallen American soldiers, apparently fell short of the power of Ellen and George’s friendship, forged in the private seats of a United Nations match. Dallas Cowboys.

Ellen made a video statement in response, peppered with cheesy lines, dismissing the criticism as a lack of empathy, telling detractors to be nice to those we don’t agree with, as if it’s a simple difference of opinion that was the problem. It was a bizarre, out of touch reaction that spoke volumes about the isolated lives of the people of Hollywood.

The overwhelmingly positive reaction to Ellen’s statement from the rich and famous only made the point more pronounced; these people are comfortably sheltered from nefarious policies and do not seem to view the atrocities of war as something worth getting excited about.

As the video of Ellen’s no-apology spread across Twitter, the video was we say removed by strike for copyright infringement. Inevitably the video was uploaded again, now with a notable modification, the static background replaced by gruesome images from the Iraq war.

The video highlighted the hollow hypocrisy of Ellen’s comments and amplified the criticism. Even other celebrities have started to join in the backlash, the sickening imagery of the edited apology video beyond dispute.

Amusing, The right place Star Jameela Jamil claimed she was completely unaware of Bush’s legacy and, after inquiring, joined in the condemnation.

Jamil’s somewhat sheltered response sparked a wave of derision from his fans, astonished that the politically active celebrity had no prior knowledge of a major global event.

While one of Jamil’s fans praised the star for his honesty, using the phrase “blind spot” to describe his lack of knowledge, Jamil responded by stating that the phrase was no longer acceptable, serving as a funny example. of Jamil’s priorities.

But to his credit, at least Jamil admitted his ignorance and corrected himself; member Good place star Kristen Bell was firmly in solidarity with Ellen, posting a support message on Instagram, with Reese Witherspoon, who also posted a positive Tweet for Ellen.

The two stars were called “privileged” in response, leading Witherspoon to hastily delete her Tweet.

The controversy invites reflection on the bizarre and distorted way we see celebrities, all too often revered by heroes, their opinions heard as if they were our friends, and the growing rift between them and their fans.

Fortunately, social media seems to be driving this chasm every day.

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