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Founder to speak at 1 Million Cups event

Christian Gray

Axis U hopes to be a game-changer when it comes to placement, especially for applicants who do not have a college education.

CEO and founder Christian Gray discovered learning programs while working on the Iowa House of Representatives Education Committee in 2017.

“This is where I gained my knowledge and understanding of the apprenticeship system,” said Gray. “What are the advantages and disadvantages of this system. “

Axis U can help put job seekers in touch with resources and contacts for employment in manufacturing or healthcare, by providing them with daily training and videos or by meeting employers and receiving a on-site training.

Axis U was established in April 2020, when many office workers started working online.

Gray noted that the annual rising cost of a college education is a major factor discouraging many people from enrolling, forcing them to settle for jobs they may not want.

Thanks to Axis U, those looking for a job requiring more skills can receive the necessary training to do so.

“We offer our related technical instruction online, and then when our individual is on the job, we have on-the-job training and exercises to enable them to demonstrate their skills or what they have learned,” Gray said.

The U Axis “tries to democratize the cost of education but really to eliminate it for the job seeker, which will allow more of our population to participate in the labor market”.

Employers “pay us a monthly subscription to recruit and train their employees online,” Gray said.

The application is online for job seekers and employers to go through the process of finding a job or potential employees.

They can take “hands-on” courses to get a better idea of ​​what occupation or field they might want to apply to, and then they work with the employer to complete their training, he said.

Gray believes in this model because of his own experience in receiving non-traditional education. After dropping out of college after his sophomore year, he started a business in Saint-Louis which ultimately failed.

After interning with the Iowa House of Representatives Education Committee and working for Jobs for Americas graduates in Washington, DC, Gray saw the need for a system like the one he created.

“It was a very non-traditional education for me and I think it kind of reinforces what we’re trying to do,” Gray said. “How to make non-traditional, not necessarily the norm, but a very viable alternative because for the moment, there is no alternative? “

1 million cups

What: Christian Gray, Founder and CEO of Axis U, to speak as part of the Founders Fireside series

When: 8:30 am, Wednesday August 18


Gray will speak about the Axis U launch on Wednesday, August 18, as part of the 1 Million Cups Founders’ Fireside Series. The Gazette is a media sponsor of the event.

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