Attendees, Sponsors Process Learning, Engagement at ICX Summit | Interactive Customer Experience (ICX) Summit 2022

The summit, held at the Hilton Columbus in Easton, allowed attendees to see hands-on demonstrations of customer experience technology developed by summit sponsors.

ICX attendees attended educational sessions covering a range of technology and business development topics. Photo by Willie Lawless.

Attendees at the Interactive Customer Experience Summit in Columbus, Ohio last week learned a wealth of information about the technology as they made their way to educational sessions covering a range of customer-related topics. technology and business development, from harnessing artificial intelligence to removing friction from the customer journey.

The Summit, held at the Hilton Columbus in Easton, also gave attendees the opportunity to see hands-on demonstrations of customer experience technology developed by Summit sponsors. Sponsor exhibits were placed at the entrance to the training sessions.

Participants and sponsors appreciated the chance to visit one-on-one in the unique and personal setting that the Summit offers.

A “think tank” opportunity

“I come here to learn from my peers,” said Jeremy Cauble, director of customer experience at Canteen Vending Services Inc., a division of Compass Group North America, who was a panelist in a session on intelligence. artificial and machine learning. “The roundtable format is really valuable. It’s more of a ‘think tank’ opportunity than other conventions.”

As for Discovery Zone displays, Cauble was particularly interested in a self-storage kiosk featured at the Ginko Systems LLC exhibit.

The sponsors, for their part, recognized the participants as some of the most forward-thinking companies in the world, encompassing a wide range of vertical users such as restaurants, financial services, retailers, government agencies, museums , etc.

“It’s an incredibly engaged audience,” said Ben Brown, vice president of marketing at ConverseNow, a provider of artificial intelligence-enabled omnichannel voice control technology with machine learning capabilities and winner of the 2022 Elevate Award. of the best emerging technology in the interactive customer experience.

“There was a healthy group of decision makers,” said Brown, who also moderated a panel on artificial intelligence and machine learning. “They (the attendees) were glued to the special sessions (in a way) that I’ve never seen at a show before.”

Michelle Chu, business development associate at Philadelphia-based Charge It Spot, a provider of cellphone charging stations, found the Summit helpful both as an attendee and as a sponsor. She particularly appreciated the intimate quality of the training sessions and the opportunity to speak to participants as an exhibitor.

Chu also enjoyed a presentation by Andrew Laudato, EVP and COO of The Vitamin Shoppe, on creating an environment where innovation thrives as his company strives to find quality employees.

“We are going through a lot of structural reorganizations,” Chu said, speaking on behalf of his own company.

Discovery Zone Highlights

Here are the exhibitor highlights in alphabetical order.


Base22 presented its portfolio of digital services for companies and organizations undergoing digital transformation.

With offices in Columbus, Ohio, Richardson, Texas and Mexico, services include enterprise portals, digital service design, systems integration, content migration projects and apps, etc

Consulting and business transformation services include workshops, user experience assessments, and assistance with infrastructure, integration, and change management.

Vertical clients include retail, manufacturing, financial services, restaurants, insurance, higher education and government.

Rick Magni and Joe Kristy present information on digital transformation services at the Base22 Expo.


ConverseNow showcased its voice command technology that offers precision order taking that enhances the customer experience while allowing staff to double order volume during peak hours.

Virtual assistants eliminate friction caused by busy signals, wait times and/or long drive-thru lines. Virtual assistants also remember customer names and favorite orders and sell automatically.

Artificial intelligence can integrate with point-of-sale systems, base stations, and additional software and hardware.

Voice AI can fulfill orders independently for restaurants, but one person stays behind the scenes to give the customer the option to speak to one person.

Austin, Texas-based ConverseNow won the 2022 Elevate Award for Best Emerging Technology in Interactive Customer Experience.

Spencer Goodman and Ben Brown showcase voice command technology at the ConverseNow Expo.


ChargeItSpot, a Philadelphia-based provider of cell phone charging stations for retailers, hospitals, stadiums and other public places, offers kiosks with secure steel lockers, an easy-to-use interface and a suite full of customization options.

In addition to providing phone top-ups, kiosks allow companies and organizations that provide phones to employees to manage phones on job sites. The kiosk prompts the user to indicate if the returned phone is damaged.

ChargeItSpot stations also collect consumer opt-in data, including marketing resources such as email addresses, cell phone numbers, and survey responses.

Michelle Chu showcases the Phone Charging Station on the Charge It Spot display.

Ginko Systems LLC

Ginko Systems LLC, a West Carrollton, Ohio-based kiosk manufacturer, introduced a public storage kiosk for self-storage applications that integrates with property management software.

The software enables kiosk rentals, virtual meetings with managers, and face-to-face customer support.

The UL-listed kiosk features an enclosed card reader, speakers, and a handicap button that allows the user to contact a call center. A camera records the transaction up to 20 seconds after the final transaction for customer support.

Peripherals include color touch screen, driver’s license scanner, lock dispenser capability, printer, digital camera, ACH acceptor, bill acceptor, VOIP phone, digital signature capture, digital camera and an on-screen keyboard.

Compass Canteen’s Jeremy Cauble checks out Ben Wheeler’s public storage kiosk, “The Kiosk Guy”, at the Ginko Systems LLC exhibit. provides job forecasting and scheduling software that leverages real-time internal and external data such as local weather and events. The software collects information over time to provide more optimized staffing levels that align with client goals.

The software compares management’s forecasts with its own forecasts to provide a location-specific comparison. It shows the average variance of management’s and’s forecasts and the total number of days both forecasts were more than 20% higher or lower than actual sales.

Matt Simons showcases job forecasting and scheduling software at the expo.

Loop Media Inc.

Loop Media Inc., a media streaming company, introduced its Android Loop Player, a plug-and-play device that attaches to a television screen, allowing it to stream music videos, movie trailers, dietary advice, extreme sports videos, viral videos and Suite.

The Loop Player can be found in several national restaurant chains and offers a library of over 500,000 videos for restaurants, bars, casinos, retailers, bowling alleys, nail salons, tattoo parlors and other places.

The Glendale, Calif.-based company can provide displays in addition to its Loop Player.

Chris Cairns presents the Loop Player at the Loop Media Inc. exhibition.

Sharp NEC Display Solutions of America Inc.

Sharp NEC Display Solutions of America Inc., a provider of professional and commercial visual technology and digital signage solutions, introduced its Navisensor software which has been in testing and development for two years.

The analytics software integrates with a camera attached to a computing device that collects information about customer demographics, tracks customer movements, and customer characteristics.

Jody Baines and Nick Iorfida showcase new software product at Sharp NEC Display Solutions of America.

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