Apple wants to get into hybrid work

The days of exclusively working from home are drawing to a close for Apple employees who will have to return to the office on February 1 of next year.

According to a new report from Information However, the iPhone maker will be implementing a new hybrid work pilot at that time, which will allow employees to work remotely one or two days a week.

In March of next year, these employees will then work in the office on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday and at home on Wednesday and Friday. However, according to a memo sent to staff by Apple CEO Tim Cook, a number of the company’s teams will not be able to participate in its Hybrid Work pilot project because their roles require “a greater need for work in person. ”.

A good compromise

By implementing a new hybrid work pilot, Apple will be able to better meet the needs of a number of its employees who have gone so far as to threaten to leave if forced to return to the office.

In July, an internal company survey of 1,749 employees found that 36.7 percent feared they might have to quit if Apple didn’t allow flexible work options. Employees who took part in the survey then sent the results to Tim Cook and Senior Vice President of Retail and People, Deirdre O’Brien, along with a video with personal testimonials from 24 employees explaining why they thought remote working options were important to them.

Now, with its new Hybrid Work Driver, Apple is taking a page out of Microsoft’s book as the software giant sees the future of Work as truly hybrid. However, the company still believes that “in-person collaboration is essential” both to its culture and to its future.

As part of its new hybrid work pilot, Apple employees will be able to work remotely for four weeks a year and according to Tim Cook, this will give them more opportunities to travel, be closer to their loved ones or simply to shake. down to their routines.

We’ll likely know more about the results of Apple’s new hybrid working pilot once it rolls out in February next year.

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