Amazon gives £ 1,000 bonus to new staff with ‘no experience needed’



Amazon is offering £ 1,000 bonus to new warehouse hires, this has been confirmed.

The US online retail giant has offered new warehouse hires a £ 1,000 membership bonus to deal with national staff shortages.

The website – which is widely used by the Brummies – issued an “urgent” appeal for pickers and packers.

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Amazon also offers “immediate starts with no experience required”.

The roles up for grabs at Amazon span warehouses nationwide, including Darlington, Dartford, Swansea, Redditch and Coventry.

Applicants who are hired by September 18 are eligible for the bonus.

According to job postings, Amazon offers “immediate starts with no experience required” for many roles in the warehouse.

Amazon isn’t the only company offering membership bonuses to attract much-needed workers, with companies such as Tesco and Asda offering truck drivers £ 1,000 upon registration.

Amazon’s job postings on Indeed’s website say a salary of £ 1,000 is on offer.

The £ 1,000 payouts will serve as a starting bonus for a variety of roles.

They are on top of an hourly rate of up to £ 11.10 an hour, rising to £ 22.20 an hour for overtime.

Across the UK, companies are struggling to fill positions in various industries, with issues caused by Brexit, coronavirus self-isolation rules and with millions still on worker support in vacations.

Amazon’s move is a tough time for chain stores, with supermarkets under pressure from the truck crisis, and McDonald’s is running out of bottled drinks and milkshakes this week.


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