Adam Mitchell, Mitchell & Whale Insurance Brokers

Adam Mitchell, CEO, Mitchell & Whale Insurance Brokers

There is no doubt that the pandemic has brought unexpected levels of complexity over the past two years, but it has also accelerated innovation and the push for much-needed modernization in our industry.

The world was changing rapidly before the pandemic, and COVID-19 accelerated it exponentially. Social distancing warrants have made consumers of all ages increasingly dependent and comfortable with technology. At this point, there are few digital services available within quality assurance or real value, but customer expectations for product delivery and service are starting to change. As organizations like ours push the boundaries and redefine what digital experiences should be, brokers who don’t invest in technology and customer experience will struggle.

The coming year will also see the competition for talent become fierce as the pandemic recedes. People’s work needs and preferences have changed. Flexible working arrangements are becoming more important than pay for a growing number of employees who have little incentive to return to a conventional office.

Mitchell & Whale launched a multi-year business plan in 2021 and implemented a talent management strategy that notably allows our team members to work where they want indefinitely. We want the best people to help us grow our business. It doesn’t matter where they sit. If you don’t give your team options to work remotely after the pandemic, another company will. It will be interesting to see how the cultures of the brokerage workplace continue to grow and evolve with a distributed workforce.

In 2022, Mitchell & Whale will take important steps to start massively expanding our operations. As the industry consolidates more and more, there is less and less room for brokerage firms to differentiate themselves. We are focused on creating a unique value proposition, a customer-centric brand and strengthening service models to stand out in a crowded market.

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