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Investors know they have to do a lot of diligent research if they are to hope to avoid buying a money pit. But who has time for all the things that go into verifying a potential property?

It’s not just about doing your due diligence, but rather giving your potential real estate agent the opportunity to give you their best pitch. And then, once you find the perfect property, there are more mountains of work to climb. Finding an answering service is necessary for anyone interested in successfully investing in real estate.

Personal response services
Most investors are unaware that this type of service exists. An answering service can do the work for you, ensuring that you invest your time and energy in more productive tasks, such as making a deal.

Up to 70% less than traditional employment costs, a full-time virtual assistant can complement your team and respond to messages from people who want to sell their property or those who want to buy one of your properties.

Virtual assistants for real estate investors go beyond answering services. Other tasks include:

Schedule a meeting
After reviewing your client’s request, the virtual assistant sets up a phone call or in-person meeting.

Meeting follow-up
Virtual assistants follow up with the customer after the meeting to make sure their questions have been answered and they are comfortable with the transaction.

Preparation of documents
Virtual assistants help in preparing documents for titles, leases, etc. These documents are then sent to your attorney and are handled properly according to the laws of your state.

Continuous monitoring
Follow each step of the process with a virtual assistant. This includes everything from meeting deadlines to keeping you informed of any changes that may arise during the transaction process.

Process monitoring
There are many legal documents that must be completed and filed to buy or sell real estate. Having someone who has been trained in how and when to file each document can ensure that the buying and selling process runs efficiently.

Save time for investors with virtual assistants
If you are an investor, I recommend that you hire a trustworthy and reliable person as a virtual assistant. You don’t want to spend hours in front of your computer while someone else answers all your questions and does all the necessary tasks to make sure everything runs smoothly.

The popularity and acceptance of virtual assistants has grown exponentially over the past decade. As of 2020, virtual professionals are estimated to make up 40% of the entire U.S. workgroup. The current use cases for these task-oriented virtual assistants are vast.

Daniel Ramsey is the Founder and CEO of MyOutDesk, ranked # 1 in Virtual Assistant Services by TechRadar. With over 6,000 clients and over 700 verified five-star reviews, it helps businesses gain much-needed leverage from virtual real estate professionals. To learn more, visit www.myoutdesk.com/services.


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