5 most common myths around smart homes

Whenever a new technology promises to revolutionize the way of life, it should be met with skepticism and a healthy dose of mistrust. We are also seeing a similar trend with smart homes. While this is a game-changer for many, there is a huge chunk of potential buyers who still fear smartifying their homes. As the popularity and discourse around smart homes grows, it’s only natural that customers buy into the myths created around them.

It’s important to educate homeowners about how smart homes can change their lives for the better. So, without further ado, let’s bust some of the most common smart home myths.

  1. a) Smart homes cost a fortune

One of the biggest fears people have around smart homes is that the setup would cost them an arm and a leg. They should understand that IoT technology is booming in India and there is an array of options to choose from. Customers can always get their hands on the brands and products as per their budget and convenience.

  1. b) Smart homes increase electricity bills

Another common misconception that many people share regarding smart homes is that they could significantly increase their electricity consumption. While it’s mostly the other way around. Most smart products are not only cost effective but also energy efficient. To extend smart life, products installed in smart homes are already equipped with features such as programming gadgets, universal remote controls, etc., to minimize electricity consumption.

  1. vs) Using smart homes can be complex

We have to realize that IoT technology is relatively new in India and most of us are still getting used to virtual assistants. However, home automation brands need to educate customers about smart home technology. It’s important to send the message that most smart home products are not only inexpensive, but extremely easy to set up and use.

  1. D) Smart homes are not safe

One of the biggest concerns people have about smart homes is the common misconception that IoT-based devices can be easily hacked. Therefore, it is quite common for smart homes to be the target of major cyberattacks.

Although it is important to recognize the data privacy issues in today’s world. Customers should also know that smart home solution providers go the extra mile to secure their home by working with cybersecurity experts. Special measures are taken to protect the personal data of customers. Along with this, even customers themselves can take extra precautions to protect their smart homes.

  1. e) Multiple apps are needed to control smart homes

One of the intriguing myths surrounding smart homes revolves around the need for multiple apps to control the home. Although it is true that few smart home solutions require people to download third-party apps to gain control of the home. It’s also important for customers to realize that there are smart home solutions out there that allow smart homeowners to control their homes through a single app.


Busting a few common smart home myths is like barely scratching the surface. Home automation companies must relentlessly educate the masses and let them know how much easier their lives can become. The future of smart homes is inevitably bright and it’s high time we were part of this revolution.



The opinions expressed above are those of the author.


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