5 companies offering conversational AI Sol. Named IDC innovators



International Data Corporation (IDC) today released a report from IDC Innovators featuring five companies delivering conversational artificial intelligence (AI) solutions that help businesses develop and deploy conversational applications, such as chatbots or voice assistants, with which users can speak via SMS and / or a voice interface. The five companies are: Aisera, DRUID, Openstream, SoundHound and Uniphore.

Conversational AI has recently seen its adoption accelerate thanks to improvements in AI technology, as well as an increase in distance and distributed work, commerce and education models. As organizations seek to provide customers and employees with self-service options for answering questions and completing tasks, as well as helping employees be more efficient at their jobs, conversational AI delivers return on investment. important in a wide variety of industries and use cases.

“The conversational AI market is currently crowded and competitive, with the past two years characterized by a growing number of startups, open source innovations and acquisitions by major technology vendors,” said Hayley Sutherland, Analyst senior research fellow for conversational AI and intelligence. Knowledge discovery at IDC. “Tech buyers considering conversational AI should familiarize themselves with the most innovative startups to get a full picture of what’s available besides what they can see from tech giants.”

The report, IDC Innovators: Conversational artificial intelligence around the world (IDC # US47355221), presents five companies delivering conversational artificial intelligence solutions that meet the growing needs of organizations to evolve employee and customer self-service through conversational interfaces. The five companies are:

  • Aisera provides multilingual conversational AI, leveraging technological innovations in Natural Language Processing (NLP) and knowledge graphics to support use cases in IT, HR, customer service, sales, marketing and finance.
  • DRUID offers a Flexible conversational AI platform that includes out-of-the-box virtual assistants with over 500 predefined intentions and workflows for “industry independent” business areas such as legal, human resources, and finance.
  • Openstream provides multimodal conversational AI that can understand a wide variety of input content types, including text, voice, touch, gestures, and video.
  • SoundHound offers white-label voice assistants for major brands, featuring voice analysis technology that enables its conversational voice AI platform to quickly understand and respond to complex multi-turn and multi-slot requests .
  • Uniphore is a provider of conversational automation, combining multilingual conversational AI capabilities with interaction analytics, RPA and workflow automation to improve agent automation and efficiency, reduce costs and deliver better customer experience.

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