2022 Truist Mortgage Review – Forbes Advisor

Truist’s Better Business Bureau (BBB) ​​rating is 1.11 stars out of 5.00 based on 1,791 reviews as of September 22, 2022. The BBB has closed 1,914 complaints about the company in the past 12 months and 3,570 complaints over the past three years. Keep in mind that Truist offers a wide variety of banking and lending products, so these reviews don’t just reflect consumer sentiments about the company’s mortgage offerings.

The BBB gives Truist an A+ rating, but that rating isn’t based on customer reviews. Instead, it reflects how the company responds to complaints, its time in business, its size, and other factors.

The CFPB received 1,279 complaints about Truist’s mortgage services from December 2019 (the time Truist was formed) to September 2022. Most of these complaints were about issues during the payment process while others were about issues payment of a mortgage, during the application process. or taking out a loan.

Note that the CFPB does not verify the accuracy of consumer complaints. Also, while these numbers may seem high, they don’t compare to the large number of clients that Truist serves in a wide range of areas, including mortgages.

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