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Some small businesses need a team. But it is possible to create your own business and manage it solo. If you’re ready to start your own business and want the freedom and savings of a solopreneur, here are some ideas.

What is a solopreneur?

Solopreneurs are small business owners who operate without additional employees. Some solo business ideas can be done with just one person, and other solo entrepreneurs may outsource some operations rather than hiring.

Solopreneur opportunities in 2022

Becoming a solo business owner is an increasingly popular option thanks to the popularity of remote work, outsourcing and automation. Many independent entrepreneurs take a business idea they’re passionate about and simply work on it in their spare time. Other businesses require a lot of time and planning, but entrepreneurs often rely on technology and external contractors to handle any additional workload.

Why you should start your own business as a solopreneur

If you’re considering solopreneur business ideas over more traditional business structures, here are some advantages to getting started on your own:

  • Save Money: Since you don’t have employees, you don’t need to pay for salaries, benefits, office space, recruiting, and training.
  • Get started quickly: Many business structures require complicated legal documentation and tax filings. As a sole proprietorship, the process is similar to simply paying your personal income taxes. However, there may be a few relevant forms depending on your location and industry.
  • Stay in control: Without a business partner, board, or investors, you have the freedom to make all business decisions yourself.
  • Avoiding disagreements: This also means not worrying about disagreeing with a partner or stakeholder about the direction of the business or day-to-day operations.
  • Pivot or scale quickly: If you discover a new opportunity or want to change things, there is no long process to convince partners or involve employees. You just do the work by yourself.

Best solopreneur ideas in 2022

If you’re ready to start a new business on your own in 2022, here are some solo business ideas to consider.

1. Pet Grooming Business

If you like animals, offer your services as a groomer. Run your business from a mobile grooming truck or visit your customers at home.

2. House cleaning services

Housekeeping is a requested service throughout the country. Simply advertise your services locally and set up a schedule that you can manage yourself.

3. Graphic designer

You can run your own graphic design business from home, dealing remotely with other business owners.

4. Pet sitting business

Start your own pet sitting business by finding potential clients among your personal connections and then building through word of mouth.

5. Event planning

An event planner can plan weddings, graduation parties, or corporate events, gradually building your local customer base and vendor list.

6. Life coach

Life coaching can be done online or in person. Simply work with each client individually to help them achieve their personal goals.

7. Tutoring Company

Subject-specific tutors can work with local schools and individual students.

8. Coffee business

Open a cafe or cart, keeping the hours manageable for one person.

9. Shopping service

Run errands like groceries or dry cleaning for members of your community for a small fee. It is an ideal way to generate income for beginners.

10. Financial Advisory Company

If you have experience managing finances, work with small businesses virtually or on-site. Consultants normally provide knowledge and tools to help companies manage their own books, instead of providing ongoing support.

Online business ideas for solopreneurs

Sole proprietorships are especially relevant for those looking to make money online. Here are some products and services that online entrepreneurs can offer on their own.

11. Develop online courses

Design an online course that customers can purchase and complete at their own pace. This is ideal for those looking to generate passive income. However, some successful entrepreneurs also offer live classes or Q&A sessions to add value.

12. Manage social media accounts

Manage social media channels for corporate clients by creating and scheduling their social media posts, designing campaigns and responding to enquiries.

13. Web Design Company

If you have design skills, offer services to other online businesses to help them create their own websites.

14. Virtual Assistant

Virtual assistants handle various tasks remotely, from inbox management to scheduling. Connect with clients using online job boards or market your services on your own website.

15. Freelance writing

Freelance writers produce articles, blogs, or content marketing for clients on a contract basis. You may work with several successful businesses at once or have only one or two primary clients.

16. E-Commerce Seller

Create your own online store, managing the website, marketing and inventory from your home. There are even fulfillment and drop-shipping services that can handle the logistics for you.

17. Digital Marketing

Offer various remote digital marketing services, from PPC advertising to public relations. Start-up costs are low; Simply market your services online to find businesses that need your expertise.

18. Social Media Influencer

If you have your own large social media presence, work with brands to create campaigns that target your audience.

19. Software Developer

Create mobile applications and software for other companies on a contractual basis. Some software developers even create their own products and sell them directly to consumers and businesses.

20. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is posting links to other companies’ products or services. Then you would earn a portion of every sale you direct to those sites. This is a great business option for bloggers and content creators, or those looking for an additional stream of income for existing businesses.

What are examples of solopreneurs?

A solopreneur is a one person business. This may include in-person service providers like an accountant or personal trainer. It also includes many online businesses such as VAs, social media managers, and graphic designers.

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