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Working from home with Bitcoins: is it possible to make money?

When we talk about bitcoin we refer to a sort of digital currency, used for the sale of goods and services, which differs from traditional currencies as it does not have any central bank or body that acts as an intermediary between the people who exchange them.

The operation is based on an open source peer to peer network that operates through a distributed database between the nodes, the users’ computers.

It is within this database that the transactions occurred on the bitcoin network are collected, and for this reason all the movements will be public and easily traceable.

Are bitcoins legal?

Yes! Bitcoins are legal and transactions are guaranteed by a public key cryptography system, and it is in this way that users are denied the opportunity to spend the same coins more than once, or use bitcoins without being holders of them.

There are more factors that affect the value of these; Bitcoin Chart presents the evaluation of the BTC on all the main exchange markets of the network.

To work from home and make money with bitcoins, you need to create a digital wallet , inside which you can save coins, and choose a client , a program among those on the net, following the instructions.

How to make money with Bitcoins through Forex and CFD Trading

Before starting to trade with Bitcoins you have to keep in mind that the value of Bitcoins can vary from one moment to the next, that is, as there may be sudden increases, but also sudden crashes. All this depends on the findings of specific market conditions.

To date, the trend has almost always continued to grow.

To benefit from Bitcoin’s quotations, it is good to do so through Trading , and we talk about a short-term speculative activity. It is important to clarify that when you do Bitcoin Trading you are not actually buying, that is, you are working with Contract For Difference (CFD) , where you are joining a derivative financial contract.

The operating system is the same as that used to make Forex Trading , where you invest on the relative value of an existing currency pair.

Specifically for Trader beginners there is the possibility to open a Free Demo Account, where you can make some real speculation, but with the difference that you use virtual money, it is a real simulation.

It will be possible, therefore, to decide whether to operate upwards or downwards, all this will depend on the subjective perception of the market, and that of Bitcoin is a very volatile market, that is, it will be able to meet at the same time both big profits , and both at big losses.

The Best Brokers for Trading Authorized cryptocurrencies

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Investors can lose all their capital from cryptocurrency trading.

* Certificates: The Brokers listed above are regulated by the CySEC (Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission).

Trade CFD with BITCOIN with iQ Option broker!

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Trade CFD with BITCOIN with broker!

The CFD broker and Forex offers the opportunity to start trading with bitcoins, thanks to the BTC / EUR or BTC / USD exchange rate.
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Trade CFD with BITCOIN with the BDSwiss broker!

BDSwiss Broker

He works directly from home and earns thanks to Bitcoin, the ultra-volatile cryptocurrency that only in the first half of 2017 registered a growth of over 200% !. The CFD and Forex BDSwiss broker allows you to trade in Bitcoin / EUR (BTC / EUR) and Bitcoin / USD (BTC / USD) at a fraction of the price you should pay to buy the cryptocurrency! *

* Traders only speculate on the price action of BTC / USD and BTC / EUR.

Features and advantages on trading BITCOIN with BDswiss


  • Trade on BTC / EUR and BTC / USD 24/5;
  • Guaranteed, fast and safe withdrawals;
  • Open positions starting from a minimum of 0.1 lots;
  • More than 50 indicators to better determine the price direction;
  • Possibility of investing both on the rise and on the fall in prices;
  • Blog always updated on the latest Bitcoin news;
  • Possibility to practice Free with Bitcoins ;
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What is the first step to working with Bitcoins?

The first step that must be done to work with Bitcoins is to open a Trading account on a Broker , which is none other than the intercessor who administers the listing of the financial instrument. It will not be difficult to open an account, you will first have to choose a good broker, and then follow all the steps to proceed with the registration by entering all personal data.

Once you have signed up, you will be able to access your account using the username and password chosen at registration, after which you can finally start working with your own money or, as you have already seen, through the Demo Account. . Once you feel more confident about investing your money, you will have to make the deposit, or transfer a portion of your money to the trading account that opened, but at any time you are free to get your money back .

The minimum deposit required to make Bitcoin Trading depends on the Broker , but usually it is only a few hundred euros.

Once, then, that the deposit has been made, it will be possible to start Trading with CFDs , that is, it will be necessary to anticipate if the value of Bitcoin will increase or decrease, and if the prediction will be right, it will be earned, and this will lead to high earnings, but if it is wrong it can lead to big losses.

By trading with CFDs you can also use leverage to see your earnings increase. The user has the interest to use the highest leverage effect possible because it increases his profit, usually the Traders who earn more with Bitcoins, are those who use the leverage in a professional way. In this type of transaction the Broker does not take the risks incurred by the Trader, so that, should the transaction go into loss and exceed the safety limit, it will be closed. The Trader will thus at most lose only the money used for this operation, because it is the user himself who pre-dates how much he will lose.

There are several ways to make the deposit to the account that has opened in the Broker including, for example, by credit card, where the transfer is immediate; or even through the bank deposit, but here unlike the credit card the times are quite longer, or even through the electronic wallets, such as Paypal, which are very fast and there are no fees for commissions.

The methods that are used to make the deposit are the same as those used for the withdrawal.

It is possible, therefore, to earn with Trading at any time, whether the value increases, or if the value decreases. It is advisable to operate with Bitcoin Trading through Brokers authorized by Consob, therefore, we are talking about secure brokers . As you could see Bitcoin Trading using CFDs is usually very simple.

The brokers are set up in such a way that they have absolutely intuitive interfaces, and do not require much experience.

An important aspect, not to be overlooked, is that the money that is deposited on the account that opens in the Broker, when you need to withdraw them just send a request to the broker, and in no time the money will be credited to the your current account or credit card.

What is Bitcoin Core ?

Bitcoin Core is one of the most widespread clients , used to manage the wallet, a multi-platform program compatible with Windows , Mac OS X and Linux .

You need to download it, install it and choose the folder in which to save your wallet, and to secure your wallet , you will need to activate the encryption from the menu under settings, and also create security copies, by calling the Backup purse.

The wallet therefore corresponds to a real wallet.

Make sure that the bitcoin software synchronises completely with the bitcoin network, by downloading on your personal computer the blockchain on which the system is based.

It is within the blockchain that the various transactions of the bitcoins are recorded, structured in univocal blocks, containing a fixed number of coins, besides the public keys of those who carry out the transactions.

If previously the number of bitcoins was 50, today it has gone to 25 coins.

To find out the address of your purse, you will need to go to the file menu and select the address receive addresses, while to customize it, just click on the New button.

Bitcoin core can be downloaded for free from site.


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