Friday, June 14, 2019

Selling eBooks

Make money on the internet by selling eBooks

What we always recommend to our prospects, because it is simply one of the most lucrative ways to make money on the Internet, is making money with e-books. We are undoubtedly in the information age and the typical user on the Internet is looking for information. People appreciate high-quality and carefully prepared information extremely and are therefore readily willing to pay for such information and money.

And that’s not too close depending on the industry and topic! The mail-order giant Amazon relies fully on e-books and sells more of them today than printed books. There are certainly many reasons for this, but mainly the proliferation of e-book readers and the advantages of e-books as digital books play a crucial role. It is in the digital nature of e-books that they need to be created only once, and then not only duplicated infinitely, but also transmitted to the buyer’s terminal immediately. The ebook becomes a product that is immediately available online and always in stock.

And here lies the decisive advantage in earning money with e-books on the Internet. You too can earn money on the internet with your e-book. While there are many people who are still skeptical of e-books and prefer the printed version, there is still a market niche here!

E-books are becoming increasingly popular with shoppers as more and more people own a reader and more and more people are reading e-books on their smartphones, such as using the Kindle app. At the same time, self-published e-books do not have to hide behind digital books backed by professional publishers. Actually, anyone can sell e-books themselves and if you want to sell one, then you should know what options there are.

In general, there are two different ways you can sell digital books to make money online. On the one hand, you can either write your own e-books or you can have them written or you can buy a so-called reseller license , which entitles you to resell.

If you decide to write an e-book yourself, it is necessary that you really know the subject area and have the necessary know-how. To write, you really only need a word processor, such as Microsoft Word. You can start writing right away. More professional and free alternatives for writing e-books are also Atavist or Caliber .

If you decide to write the e-book you offer, you have the distinct advantage of being able to choose and customize both pricing and distribution channels. You can also increase the purchase price if the demand is very good or vice versa at any time lower, if the demand should not be so high.

Advantages of self-writing eBooks:

  • You have your own e-book with all rights – the pricing is completely up to you
  • You have the right to change the price as you like and to determine the sales channels yourself

Disadvantages of self-writing eBooks:

  • One-time high time and effort for the creation
  • Certain know-how on the subject required

The other possibility is that you can simply write e-books or buy a so-called reseller license. Here you pay a one-time license fee to the licensor and thus have the right to sell a specific e-book. The biggest advantage here is that you have no time and effort to write and you can select under the licenses currently highly sought after topics, without having to have the necessary know-how.

However, there are extremely many black sheep in this area, so you need to pay close attention to buying reseller licenses.

Advantages of Reseller Licenses:

  • You have no time and effort to create
  • You do not need your own know-how for the respective topic

Disadvantages of Reseller Licenses:

  • You are often very limited in marketing rights and pricing
  • You can not easily adjust the price to the market

The huge advantage of both variants is that for you sales = profit applies, because because you have for a digital book no production costs, shipping and storage costs, etc., there are no fees.

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