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Earn money with online advertising: monetize your blog and website

She seems to be following us often. No matter where we are, she finds us. Whether shopping, listening to the radio, watching TV and especially surfing the internet. Many find it annoying and even talk about a sensory overload. Well done and used properly, but it offers many benefits. After all, it manages to keep prices as low as possible through competition and to spark people’s curiosity about new products. You’ve probably guessed it long ago – it’s about advertising.

Online advertising can be an excellent way for internet entrepreneurs to monetize their blog or website. Properly used, it can even offer your visitors added value. Noteworthy sources of revenue to earn money with online advertising include affiliate marketing, pay-per-click advertising, blog marketing and link leasing. Since Affiliate Marketing is very comprehensive, we want to dedicate this topic to our own blog post. In this article, we want to show you today how you can create a decent additional income with pay-per-click advertising, blog marketing and link leasing.

Earn Money With Online Advertising – The Requirements

To start earning money with online advertising on your blog or website, you’ll need as many traffic as possible to your website.

After all, the traffic ultimately decides how much money you can make by switching to Internet advertising. The larger the stream of visitors, the more interesting the website or blog is for potential advertisers. If you do not have that many visitors, you should first focus on traffic generation . Think about the topics you can inspire the visitors with. It is important to know how you can provide them with the highest added value. Create an interesting blog that convinces with good content and is published as regularly as possible, preferably at least three times a week, new articles.

Easily integrate pay-per-click advertising into your website

Pay per click advertising is good for beginners. As a blog or website operator, you can easily incorporate the ad into your page via a code snippet. Possible is text or banner advertising. Using this code, the provider can also understand on which website a click has been made and assign him to the right publisher.
If a visitor now clicks on the advertisement, the publisher receives a predetermined compensation. The ads displayed to the user generally depend on their browsing behavior and page content.

In pay-per-click advertising, the number of providers is significantly lower than with the pay-per-sale or pay-per-lead billing model. We would now like to introduce two very popular and well-known providers, with which a nice additional earnings can be built up.

Banner and text ads go online with Google AdSense

Google AdSense is the largest and best-known pay-per-click provider with two million users. Many websites use the opportunity of advertising switching to finance their business and to build up additional earnings .

With Google AdSense, you decide for yourself whether you would rather integrate banner or text advertising into your website. Also a combination of text and display ads is possible. Through responsive ad units, all ads can also be watched from mobile devices. Payments per click vary depending on the advertiser who can set the price. They start with a few cents, but can also be rewarded with over 2 euros.

All ads are checked to see if they really fit your target audience. If you are still dissatisfied with an ad, you can easily block it. For this reason, only the advertisements that you agree with will appear on your website or blog. These can be placed by you, where you like it best.

Another benefit of using Google AdSense is that different advertisers bid for your ad space, so you can maximize revenue.

InText Advertising is powered by Adiro

InText advertising is a special form of text advertising. Here, individual words or even entire text passages are underlined and provided with a link. If the reader now moves the mouse over the underlined text passage, a small advertising window opens. This can be clicked on or ignored by the reader at will. Most of the advertising messages are tailored to the context of the page.

A big advantage of InText advertising is that it does not seem as obtrusive as banner advertising and therefore does not arouse the reader’s dislike. Due to the contextual focus on the content, this form of online advertising also offers users added value.
In order to integrate InText advertising into your website, you first need a provider. Adiro offers both InText and banner ads.

The partner program Adiro has more than 6200 website partners and works with direct clients international network partners and media agencies.
The Adiro affiliate program gives you 15% commission on all affiliate sales.

Blogmarketing: Make money with paid guest contributions

Blogs are becoming increasingly popular and often have a respectable ranking. This is often used by companies for their SEO strategy . You too can benefit more from your blog than you might have thought. The greater your reach, the more prospective clients will be interested in working together.

Blog marketing is ultimately about monetizing your blog. You reach for example, by looking at you blog marketing platforms such blogatus , RankSider or domain Boosting signing. There you can accept orders from companies, then write relevant topics and publish them on your blog. For each successful mediation between publisher and advertiser, the respective blog marketing platform receives a certain commission, which is usually 30%.
Of course, it is easier and more lucrative if you simply let the company publish your guest contribution. So you have no effort with the content creation .

You can set the price for the contribution publication individually. It amounts to an average of 100-300 Euro net, but of course depends on the traffic of your website and the respective companies. Smaller companies or startups are usually not able to pay as much as larger companies for a contribution publication.

The entrepreneur profits in this cooperation from a high-quality link building and you from a good remuneration and a topic-relevant unique content for your website.

What if I do not want to sign up for a blog marketing platform?

If you do not want to sign up for such a blog marketing platform, but you run a blog with interesting content that also generates a lot of traffic, you can also simply add a guest post section to your website.

Under this menu item you can then show that there is the possibility on your blog to publish guest contributions and that interested people can sign up. We at Grü have successfully implemented this concept for several years.

If you have a lot of traffic on your website, this type of marketing can generate good revenue. But you should always make sure that the guest post topics or the linked websites match your website content. Otherwise, you can quickly scare off your readers by too many non-thematic posts. However, as you can not always count on regular assignments, you should consider it a complementary passive source of income for your main profession.

link Rental

Backlinks play a major role in search engine optimization. Valuable backlinks make a significant contribution to being positioned higher in the Google ranking. This circumstance is used by many website or blog operators. They rent links to the company, shops, etc. and receive a one-time payment. Paid links, however, Google does not like. Therefore, one should exercise caution and not exaggerate this possibility of making money. A provider of Link hire – and renting is backlink sellers . This is where web site operators and advertisers come together.

Make Money Online with Online Advertising – Conclusion

If you already have a lot of traffic, you should not miss out on the opportunity to earn money with online advertising. Especially if you’re seeing a lot of traffic, advertisers will definitely be interested in your website and you can build up a nice extra income. Whenever you engage in advertising, be sure to match the content on your website and add value to your visitors. The most lucrative way to earn money online with online advertising is to look at affiliate marketing. If you are interested in this form of Internet advertising, you should not miss the next article in our series ” Discovering passive sources of income “.


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